30+ Best Anime To Watch On Netflix 2024

30+ Best Anime To Watch On Netflix
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Watching anime is no longer seen as rare. Japanese animation is everywhere, and streaming services are no exception. Today, we bring you a Netflix anime list to watch.


This list of 10 series in alphabetical order will only be limited to anime series advertised as Netflix originals. That is to say; it does not include any of the great classic anime available on the platform like Death Note, One Punch Man, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kimi no Na Wa, or other movies.

So, let’s start with this little Netflix anime guide, specifically known as Netflix’s “Originals.”

Best Netflix Anime to Watch

1. Edens Zero

Edens Zero


Shiki Granbell, an orphan raised by robots in an abandoned theme park, experiences a transformative moment when he encounters Rebecca Bluegarden and her cat, Happy. As the theme park turns perilous, the trio embarks on an extraordinary intergalactic journey.

Edens Zero, crafted by mangaka Hiro Mashima, the creative mind behind the popular manga and anime Fairy Tail, unfolds a new and captivating adventure.


2. One Piece Live-Action

One Piece Live-Action

In 2023, the famous manga series One Piece debuted as a live-action adaptation on Netflix. The first season, consisting of 10 episodes, takes on the East Blue arc and follows the adventures of Monkey D.


Luffy, in his quest to become the Pirate King. Led by Matt Owens and Steven Maeda, the show features Iñaki Godoy as the spirited Luffy, alongside Emily Rudd as navigator Nami, Mackenyu as swordsman Roronoa Zoro, Jacob Romero Gibson as resourceful Usopp, and Taz Skylar as the charismatic chef Sanji.

Opinions about the series are mixed, with some praising its faithfulness to the source material and others critiquing the acting and special effects. Noteworthy for its diverse cast and the active involvement of Eiichiro Oda, the manga’s creator, the show has already secured a second season.

3. Lookism


Lookism, the well-loved Korean webtoon, has debuted on Netflix as an animated series. This tale follows Park Hyung-seok, a high school student dealing with appearance-based discrimination in today’s society.


Hyung-seok’s life takes a turn when he wakes up one day in a new, handsome, and popular body, in stark contrast to his original overweight and unattractive form. Juggling two identities, he faces the challenges of how society treats him solely based on his looks.

The series explores the emotional struggles Hyung-seok encounters as he navigates his dual life, questioning his self-worth and the true meaning of beauty. While his attractive appearance brings benefits, he grapples with the superficiality of his new social circle.


Lookism is not just about physical appearance; it serves as a social commentary on the biases and inequalities in our world. The narrative delves into various forms of discrimination, including bullying, exclusion, and limited opportunities.

Studio Mir, known for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, brings Lookism to life with vibrant visuals and dynamic action. The voice acting adds depth to the characters, capturing their personalities and emotions.


4. Romantic Killer

Romantic Killer

In the Netflix original series “Romantic Killer,” Anzu Hoshino, a game-loving student with no interest in fashion or romance, finds herself in the Wizarding World after encountering the wizard Riri. In this magical realm, Anzu is tasked with preventing a decline in popularity.

Despite her love for video games, chocolate, and kittens, Anzu decides to mingle with cute guys, including a popular boy, a childhood friend turned athlete, and a rich and naive boy. Her presence transforms everyone’s lives in unexpected ways.


5. Ōoku: The Inner Chambers

Ōoku: The Inner Chambers

In the Edo period, a mysterious illness drastically reduced the male population, leading women to assume leadership roles. The eighth shogun, Yoshimune, strives to unravel the mysteries of history by delving into the archives of the Ōoku, dating back to the third shogun, Iemitsu.


As she reads through the material, she uncovers the castle’s secrets and learns about the lives of those who dwelled in its most concealed corners.

6. Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok

The gods have decided to wipe out humanity in the “Record of Ragnarok” anime. But there’s a twist. Someone proposes giving humans a final opportunity to show their value. And so, the Battle of Ragnarok was born, where 13 humans were chosen to battle against the mightiest gods in the universe, fighting to the death.


7. Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

Embark on a heartwarming journey with this delightful Netflix original film. The story is about two young individuals facing communication challenges, brought together by the whims of fate. Meet Cherry, a reserved guy passionate about crafting haiku poems who prefers solitude with headphones on. On the other side is Yuki, nicknamed “Smile,” who creates online videos behind a face mask.

Their paths cross during a nostalgic summer, working at the same place. Their mission? To find a special vinyl record for an elderly man, leading to a unique adventure filled with warmth and connection.


8. Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Lives Alone

“Kotaro Lives Alone” is adapted from Mami Tsumura’s manga. This story revolves around a four-year-old boy named Kotaro, who embarks on a unique journey as he moves to a condominium and starts living independently in an apartment.

As the narrative unfolds, Kotaro builds meaningful connections with neighbors, including a mangaka, a high-end escort, and an employee associated with the Yakuza. The series explores the bonds that form in unexpected places and the heartwarming moments that arise from these relationships.


9. Teasing Master Takagi-san

Teasing Master Takagi-san

Teasing Master Takagi-san is a delightful romantic comedy featuring high school students Nishikata and Takagi. Takagi’s favorite pastime is teasing her classmate Nishikata, using her deep understanding of him to predict and embarrass him.

In response, Nishikata hatches a plan for revenge, attempting to outsmart and counter Takagi’s playful provocations. Dive into this entertaining anime for a heartwarming story of friendship and the adventures of growing up.


10. Children of the Whales

Children of the Whales

“Children of the Whales,” adapted from the manga “Whale Calves Sing on the Sand,” debuted in 2017 in Japan and reached a global audience through Netflix in 2018. The narrative revolves around Chakuro’s experiences on the Mud Whales island.

The island’s population is split between the Marked, who possess special abilities, and the Unmarked, who enjoy longer lifespans. As Chakuro encounters a girl, his journey unfolds, promising a tale of transformation and discovery that will impact his life.


11. The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins

Set in a world reminiscent of medieval Europe, “The Seven Deadly Sins” anime unfolds as knights endowed with magical abilities strive to safeguard the Britannia region. Brimming with betrayals, encounters with tyrants, and abundant action and adventure, this acclaimed series is fully available on Netflix.

Adapted from Nakaba Suzuki’s manga, “The Seven Deadly Sins” has gained widespread acclaim as a prominent fantasy anime in recent years—worth exploring!


12. Kakegurui


Adapted from the manga by Homura Kawamoto, “Kakegurui” unfolds within a high school where gambling and betting hold the key to social standing and triumph.


Our protagonist, Yumeko Jabami, enters this academy as a new student, aiming to conquer the games with her exceptional skills and a compulsive passion for betting. Get ready for a thrilling journey into the world of high-stakes games and strategic wits!

13. Bubble


A gravity mishap turns Tokyo into an abandoned city, yet it becomes a playground for young parkour enthusiasts. When Hibiki, a young daredevil, faces a mishap and plunges into the ocean, his life turns when a girl with extraordinary powers comes to his rescue.


Together, they hold the destiny of the city in their hands. This thrilling Netflix original, directed by Tetsurô Araki of the renowned anime “Attack on Titan,” promises an exhilarating adventure.

14. Child of Kamiari Month

Child of Kamiari Month

Kanna, a 12-year-old girl, sets out on a life-changing journey a year after her mother’s passing. As a direct descendant of the gods, she is entrusted with delivering offerings from various parts of the country to the annual gathering of the gods in the sacred land of Izumo.


This journey holds the promise of transformation and adventure for young Kanna.

15. Bright: Samurai Soul

Bright: Samurai Soul

In the early Meiji Era of Japan, the brave samurai Izou teams up with the Orc Raiden to safeguard an elf girl carrying a magical wand as they travel back to her homeland.

The animated adaptation, directed by Kyohei Ishiguro, draws inspiration from the film “Bright,” featuring Will Smith, and was released in 2017. The anime combines social criticism with an exhilarating journey that brings together diverse races.


16. B: The Beginning

B: The Beginning

If you love detective and serial killer genres, “B: The Beginning” is the ideal anime for your binge-watching session. The plot revolves around a serial killer who leaves a distinct mark with a B on all the crimes.

Detective Keith Flick takes on the investigation, driven by potential personal motives. With a second season horizon, series fans eagerly anticipate more of the gripping story.

17. Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura

Premiered on Netflix in 2019 and featuring two parts on the streaming platform, “Kengan Ashura,” based on the manga by Yabako Sandrovich, is a thrilling anime that will keep you glued to the sofa if you’re a fan of fighting games, movies, and series.

In the Kengan universe, business and contracts are settled through intense battles in large arenas where real gladiators fight for the public’s entertainment.

18. Last Hope

Last Hope

This anime, titled “Last Hope” or “Juushinki Pandora,” premiered on Netflix in 2018 with direction by Shōji Kawamori. It’s a Japanese and Chinese production that explores the blurred boundaries between humans and artificial intelligence.

Featuring futuristic visuals, Last Hope has been winning over fans worldwide.

19. Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko no Basket

This classic sports anime is ready for your binge-watching sessions on Netflix. It unfolds the narrative of young basketball players, formerly hailed as the “Generation of Miracles” at Teiko school, during their medical studies. As they find themselves in different schools, they face the challenge of competing against each other.

Unbeknownst to them, a sixth talented player from the “Generation of Miracles” joins a school, potentially turning an obscure team into a formidable opponent.

20. Flavors of Youth

Flavors of Youth

With stunning visuals and a heartfelt storyline, Taste of Youth is a movie that any anime enthusiast would enjoy. It’s also a great entry point for those curious about Japanese animation.

The film weaves together three stories set in different cities, exploring the theme of losing youth and coming to terms with adulthood from three distinct perspectives.

21. Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle

One of the most iconic monsters in modern cinema, Godzilla, has a highly popular anime trilogy loved by fans. City on the Edge of Battle is the second installment in the series that began with Planet of the Monsters in 2017.

22. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

This classic Japanese anime might be familiar to teenagers who grew up in the 1990s. It was broadcast in Brazil, and now you can binge-watch it on Netflix, including two additional films that extend the story.

The series explores the battle between robots and humans, delving into themes of the human condition and religiosity within a universe filled with chaos and destruction.

23. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

This anime is great for those who enjoy series like Black Mirror. Adapted from the widely popular manga, Sword Art Online unfolds in a future where a virtual reality game is launched.

Players are linked through a neural device, and if they fail in the game, their avatar is erased, leading to real-world death. The only escape is to complete the game successfully.

24. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045

This new Netflix series is part of the Ghost in the Shell franchise and was inspired by the manga. It will consist of 2 seasons, each with 12 episodes. The teaser showcases 3D animation, and the story is set in 2045 when a Japanese police unit engages in cyber operations following the collapse of global capitalism.

25. Aggretsuko

YouTube video

The three seasons and Aggretsuko’s Christmas OVA are the best you’ll discover on Netflix. Notwithstanding utilizing 2.5D liveliness with the utilization of CGI, being an arrangement with an exceptionally personified appearance, it doesn’t endure by any means.

It’s the tale of Retsuko, a 25-year-old single red panda attempting to explore the grown-up world. She needs to manage challenges at work, injurious supervisors, love disappointments, her intrusive mother, and every one of those things that keep us as grown-ups alert.

How does this young woman get rid of stress? She goes to karaoke to sing thrash metal with a throaty voice that hardly matches the sweet looks of this Sanrio character.


YouTube video

Beastars is a manga composed and outlined by Paru Itagaki. Its anime variation, by the Orange studio, has been perhaps the greatest much-needed refresher in the business as of late. This story happens in a cutting-edge world possessed by human creatures, isolated by their condition as herbivores or carnivores.

Legoshi, Louis, Haru, and the rest of the BEASTARS animals offer us a story full of allegories about gender, growing up, and getting your place in the world. It is an anime full of drama, but it also has its moments of action. It is a story for adults that will not leave you indifferent. And we are already looking forward to its second season.

27. Carole & Tuesday

YouTube video

This story, which takes place soon on Mars, tells us about our present problems through the eyes of two very different girls who dream of succeeding in music.

Carole, a vagrant young lady who attempts to make due between common positions while utilizing music as a departure valve, and Tuesday, an advantaged, however forlorn young lady, discover her lone methods for articulation in her guitar.

Together, they find the enthusiasm for making craftsmanship with a close companion And along with his agent Gus and the professional who found them, Roddy looks for progress. On the opposite side of the walkway is Angela, a capable model and vocalist who sings the music made by an AI master, Tao.

28. Castlevania

YouTube video

Netflix has it in its anime section, but it isn’t, at least not in the strict sense of the word, because it wasn’t produced in Japan. Its aesthetic is inspired by Japanese animation, and the original game is Japanese.

29. Devilman: Crybaby

YouTube video

We have arrived at the gem in the crown, the best Netflix anime 100% delivered for the stage. With Devilman: Crybaby, we are by and by confronting an anime that isn’t for everybody. Coordinated by Masaaki Yuasa, it is a work that has a place with another time of anime. There was much more anime like this in the last part of the 70s and 80s. Bleeding, alarming, with provocative thoughts and a particular craving for devastation.

Devilman Crybaby is a visceral experience that takes us to explore the darker side of humanity and its demons. It suffers a bit for its brevity but is still a huge series.

30. Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro is the story of a man with the head of a crocodile. Yeah, that’s weird as it sounds. It is one of the best anime of recent years. Yuuchirou Hayashi (Shigeki no Kyojin, Kakegurui) is directing the anime for MAPPA Studios and is based on the manga by Q Hayashida, which concluded in 2018.

It happens between two universes, a hopeless city known as “the opening” and a component of wizards that utilizes the city’s occupants as test subjects for their dark sorcery. Our hero, notwithstanding his reptile head, has a man living in his throat and urgently looks for the alchemist who did this to him.

31. Great pretender

YouTube video

A series of unfortunate events leads to Makoto “Edamame” Edamura hanging on the Hollywood sign. How did it end up there? That is what you will discover in that jewel called Great Pretender. This anime from Wit Studio (Shingeki no Kyojin, Vinland Saga), looks like the son of Lupine III and Cowboy Bebop.

32. Japan Sinks 2020

YouTube video

The most recent series by Masaaki Yuasa may be the perfect metaphor for this “wonder” of the year 2020 that we are experiencing. Japan Sinks 2020 is the adaptation of the novel by Sakyo Komatsu, And it’s completely different from Yuasa’s other work this year, Eizōken ni wa Te or Dasu na!

33. Little Witch Academia

YouTube video

It is the story of Akko, a girl who dreams of being a witch like her idol Shiny Chariot. He comes from a non-magical family but manages to attend an academy to develop his skills.

Created by Yoh Yoshinari and produced by Trigger, this anime is aimed at a younger audience than most Netflix originals; it is the best on the platform.

34. Violet Evergarden

YouTube video

Violet Evergarden was one of Netflix’s best anime of 2018. Although it aired earlier this year in Japan, the streaming giant always owned its rights abroad. Kyoto Animation’s production can boast of some of the most beautiful art and animation you can see.

Toward the finish of a battle in this world, young lady trooper Violet must try to give her life reason. Doing so is troublesome because the individual who dealt with her has vanished, and she can’t overlook it. Presently, she fills in as a letter author, employment that permits her to comprehend being human and to get a spot on the planet.

The anime is directed by Taichi Ishidate, with a script by Reiko Yoshida. Akiko Takase was in charge of character design, and Yota Tsuruoka of sound direction. This series is a drama, so be sure to be in the mood for a thoughtful and melancholic story. But if you are willing or willing to undertake this journey, you will enjoy it very much.

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