Youjo Senki Watch Order 2023

Youjo Senki Watch Order

The Saga of Tanya the Evil is an anime series based on a novel by Carlo Zen and illustrated by Shinobu Shinotsuki. Studio Nut created this animation.

Youjo Senki is different from other Isekai series by having military elements. The story has been praised for its progression among fans, who enjoy the different themes.


Another attraction of this series is Tanya Degurechaff, the main character, who is beautiful and kawaii but has a cold personality and is very manipulative towards friends and foes alike.

Youjo Senki is mandatory, especially if you want fantasy anime filled with war or an emphasis on the military. If you’ve been a fan of Overlord, another fantasy anime show, Youjo Senki, might also be right for you.


So, let’s check out the saga of Tanya, the evil watch order, aka Youjo Senki Watch Order.

Youjo Senki Watch Order

If you’re interested in watching the Youjo Senki anime, here’s the order:

  • Youjo Senki (TV | 2017 | 12 Episodes)
  • Youjo Shenki Episode 0 (ONA | 2017 | 1 Episode)
  • Youjo Shenki (ONA | 2017 | 12 Episodes)
  • Youjo Senki: Senkyou Houkoku (Special | 2017 | 1 Episode)
  • Youjo Senki Movie (Movie | 2019 | 1 Episode)
  • Youjo Senki Movie: Manner Eizou (Movie | 2019 | 1 Episode)


Youjo Senki: Senkyou Houkoku is a recap of the first six episodes of the Youjo Senki Season 1 series, so it’s not mandatory to watch.


Synopsis Youjo Senki

An office worker died at the hands of his subordinate, and X, the god of fate, appeared before him. X refuses to believe in gods, so he punishes this man by reincarnating him as Tanya Degurechaff in an alternate world on the verge of war due to a conflict between two countries.

The chain of reincarnation will be broken if Tanya dies naturally or refuses to believe in X. To avoid punishment, Tanya becomes a ruthless soldier in the military world to gain the highest rank and live her life in peace.

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