How Does Tanjiro Manage to Master Other Breathing Styles?


In the anime Demon Slayer, the Demon Slayers rely on their swords and the power of Breathing Styles to vanquish the formidable demons. Each skilled Swordsman hones their abilities in a unique Breathing Style, which grants them the strength and skills to defeat even the strongest demons.

Mastering a Breathing Style is no simple feat, and swordsmen have adapted and specialized in ways that suit their strengths, giving rise to new styles. Among them, several Hashira, the elite ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps, have even developed their distinctive breathing techniques. However, one thing that intrigued fans was Tanjiro’s ability to wield multiple techniques, which became more apparent in the third season of Demon Slayer. This remarkable talent can be attributed to the Sun Breathing.


The Sun Breathing holds a special significance in Tanjiro’s journey. It is a rare and ancient Breathing Style that is said to be passed down through his family lineage. This exceptional ability allows Tanjiro to tap into various techniques from different Breathing Styles, granting him versatility and adaptability in combat that sets him apart from his peers.

Who is the First User of Sun Breathing?

Yoriichi Tsugikuni


Yoriichi Tsugikuni, hailed as the strongest swordsman in history, is the originator and first practitioner of the Sun Breathing technique. Recognizing its tremendous efficacy in eliminating Demons, Yoriichi endeavored to pass down this formidable art to future generations of swordsmen. However, none could fully grasp the essence of his technique and replicate his unparalleled skill.

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In response, Yoriichi adapted to the situation, introducing modifications to the original Sun Breathing, thus enabling his students to enhance their techniques through new styles. And so, the various forms of breathing techniques were born.

While mastery of the Sun Breathing eluded any successor, the art remained alive, its flame burning. Yoriichi imparted the knowledge of Sun Breathing movements to an ancestor of Tanjiro through a sacred dance known as Hinokami Kagura, a precious heritage passed down from generation to generation. This torchbearer was Sumiyoshi Kamado, and through his dedicated preservation, the technique faithfully made its way to his descendants, ultimately allowing Tanjiro to wield the power of the Sun Breathing following his training as a swordsman.


With the acquisition of breathing techniques and the profound influence of Hinokami Kagura, Tanjiro found his most formidable fighting style. The years spent learning the intricate dance from his father granted him a glimpse into the essence of the technique, equipping him with a fundamental understanding of its derived forms.

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Given that all existing Breathing techniques are interconnected and stem from Sun Breathing, Tanjiro possesses a solid foundation that enables him to comprehend and adapt to other techniques with relative ease. While he may not surpass those who have devoted years to their respective styles, he can utilize his knowledge to gain an advantage in battle, strategically leveraging the diverse array of breathing techniques at his disposal.



Does Tanjiro manage to master other breathing styles in “Demon Slayer”?

Tanjiro eventually learns and masters multiple breathing styles throughout the series.

How does Tanjiro learn other breathing styles?

Tanjiro learns other breathing styles through intense training and guidance from skilled Demon Slayers specializing in those particular styles.

Which breathing styles does Tanjiro master?

Tanjiro masters the Water Breathing Style, which is his primary style. However, he also learns and incorporates elements from the Flame Breathing Style and the Dance of the Fire God.


What is the significance of Tanjiro mastering other breathing styles?

Tanjiro expands his combat abilities by mastering other breathing styles and becomes a more versatile and formidable Demon Slayer. It allows him to adapt to different opponents and situations more effectively.

Does Tanjiro become proficient in all the breathing styles he learns?

While Tanjiro gains proficiency in multiple breathing styles, his primary focus remains on his Water Breathing Style, which he refines and enhances throughout the series.

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Are there any challenges or difficulties Tanjiro faces while learning other breathing styles?

Yes, mastering new breathing styles presents challenges for Tanjiro. It requires rigorous training, stamina, and a deep understanding of the principles behind each style.


How does learning other breathing styles impact Tanjiro’s fighting style?

Learning other breathing styles expands Tanjiro’s repertoire of techniques, enabling him to combine different styles and create unique combat strategies. It adds depth and complexity to his fighting style.

Does mastering other breathing styles make Tanjiro more powerful?

Yes, mastering other breathing styles enhances Tanjiro’s overall power and combat prowess. It allows him to unleash devastating attacks and increases his chances of defeating formidable adversaries.

Does Tanjiro’s mastery of other breathing styles contribute to the main story’s progression?

Yes, Tanjiro’s mastery of other breathing styles significantly affects the main story’s progression. It helps him confront stronger demons and contributes to the overall development of his character.


Is the mastery of other breathing styles exclusive to Tanjiro, or do other characters in “Demon Slayer” achieve the same?

While Tanjiro is the main character who explores and masters multiple breathing styles, other characters in “Demon Slayer” also have their unique breathing techniques and styles that they specialize in.

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