What is Luffy’s Gear 5 in One Piece?

What is Luffy's Gear 5 in One Piece

Luffy’s journey has led him to an impressive status as one of the Emperors of the Sea. This remarkable evolution began when he embarked as a young pirate in East Blue, initially without a ship. He overcame numerous challenges throughout his escapades, confronted fellow pirates, expanded his crew, and acquired two distinct ships.

Yet, what’s currently buzzing across the online sphere is the term “Gear 5” – a concept that’s got everyone speculating. But what exactly does it entail?


Luffy’s fruit

At the start of Luffy’s adventure, we find out he got his stretchy powers by eating a fruit called Gomu Gomu no Mi. But that’s not really what it’s called.

Luffy ate a special fruit called Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika. This type of fruit is known as Mythical Zoan. It lets Luffy turn into Nika and use Nika’s abilities. But who’s Nika?


Nika was a legendary warrior, once called the Sun God. Who’s-Who, a former CP9 member, heard about this legend from a guard while the World Government captured him. Nika had a unique ability – his body was made of rubber so he could fight in many ways.

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Because the World Government was very interested in this fruit, they kept its real name hidden. They renamed it Gomu Gomu no Mi and labeled it Paramecia to make it seem less important. When the government finally got the fruit, it got stolen by the Red Hair Pirates. But Luffy ended up eating it, thinking it was dessert.

Luffy Gear 5

In One Piece Episode 1071, we witness a remarkable transformation. Luffy achieves this after unlocking the full potential of his Devil Fruit abilities. He starts to control things that don’t have life and living creatures.


Surprisingly, Luffy can even use this power on things that can’t be touched, like light and lightning. This newly unlocked ability gives Monkey D. Luffy an array of combat skills with almost limitless possibilities, almost like a cartoon power. But there’s more to it. Luffy combines this technique with his Haki, infusing his attacks with even more power.

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