Go-Toubun at Hanayome | Visuals and release date of season 2

Go-Toubun at Hanayome

The new issue of Weekly Shonen magazine included a new visual for the second season of the Go-Toubun no Hanayome anime .

Officially, the magazine issue would be out after two more days, but the visual leaked before the magazine’s scheduled publication date.


Go-Toubun at Hanayome

The second season was scheduled to premiere in October 2020, but due to the coronavirus crisis and the declared state of emergency in Japan it has been delayed until January 2021.

Synopsis :

Secondary school understudy Futarō Uesugi has earned magnificent evaluations, yet carries on with a generally troublesome life: no moms, no companions, and a dad battling with huge obligations, while Futarō and his more youthful sister Raiha frequently go hungry.

An open door introduces itself when Nakano’s rich family shows up at his school and Futarō is recruited as a generously compensated guide, however finds that his five positions – dazzling indistinguishable quintuplet sisters of differed characters – share zero enthusiasm for study and grades. horrifying. A portion of the quintuplets are against having an obscure man in their condo, yet Futaro’s steady diligence step by step persuades those young ladies to scale back their endeavors to have him harmed or captured, and advance their examinations.

Then again, through a flashforward, Futarō is indicated wedding one of the sisters. Be that as it may, during her mentoring, them five go gaga for her. Offering route to the topic of which one he picked.

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