Does Hikaru Kamiki die in Oshi no Ko?

Does Hikaru Kamiki die in Oshi no Ko

Since Ai Hoshino’s death in Oshi no Ko, Aqua has been driven by a singular goal – to identify his father and seek revenge for his mother’s death. Every action he took was in pursuit of this mission. However, recent chapters of the manga reveal a shift in Aqua’s focus.


There was a period when Aqua mistakenly believed that his father had already passed away. During this time, he decided to live a happier life. Unfortunately, he later discovered that his biological father, Hikaru Kamiki, was alive and actively involved in the entertainment industry. This revelation prompted Aqua to once again dedicate himself to the mission of seeking revenge on his father.

This article contains spoilers from the Oshi no Ko manga.

Is Hikaru Kamiki still not dead?

No, Hikaru Kamiki, the father of Aqua and Ruby in Oshi no Ko, is still alive. Although Aqua now knows Kamiki’s true identity, it does not make revenge any easier. Kamiki has started his own talent agency and has connections in the entertainment world. So, directly confronting him seems difficult.

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Also, Aqua cannot report Kamiki’s past actions to the police because Kamiki was a minor when he impregnated Ai Hoshino. That would help him avoid punishment.

Aqua Hoshino as seen in Oshi no Ko anime
Aqua Hoshino as seen in Oshi no Ko anime (Image via Doga Kobo)

Additionally, Aqua revealed his and Ruby’s true parentage to save Arima Kana from a scandal. So Kamiki likely heard that news, too. While he already knew about Aqua and Ruby, the world knowing about Ai’s teenage pregnancy probably put Kamiki on guard.


Rather than confront his father directly, Aqua is making a film about Ai’s life and death as an idol. This could publicly shame Kamiki more than killing him.

Aqua still wants Kamiki dead by his own hands. But he is currently busy with pre-production. If the film goes as planned, Kamiki may face public scorn and later be driven to his death. However, that outcome could take some time to unfold.

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