One Piece: Is Hera stronger than Zeus?

(Via Toei Animation)

The One Piece anime has finished the exciting Wano arc and is now heading into the intriguing storyline of the Egghead Island arc. Zeus, initially introduced as one of Big Mom’s trusted homies during the Whole Cake Island arc, took a surprising turn and became loyal to Nami after being taken by the Straw Hats.


Zeus had a fascinating journey with moments of betrayal and abandonment during the Wano arc. The introduction of Hera as Zeus’ replacement has sparked lively discussions among fans, particularly about the power levels of the Straw Hat crew in their ongoing battle against the formidable Yonko.

Zeus is almost an equal to Hera.

Originally a loyal homie of Big Mom, Zeus underwent a surprising transformation when abandoned by the powerful Yonko. Seeking new alliances, Zeus became a crucial ally to Nami during the Whole Cake Island arc, providing her with formidable lightning abilities and strategic advantages.

Zeus in One Piece Anime
Zeus in One Piece Anime (Via Toei Animation)

Hera, introduced in the Wano Country arc as Zeus’s replacement, shares a similar origin. Crafted from a piece of Big Mom’s soul, Hera stands out with unwavering loyalty and a conceited demeanor. Both homies possess unique powers derived from their connection to Big Mom’s soul.

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It’s important to note that Hera and Zeus have no official comparison regarding strength or combat utility. They are considered equal in power, with potential differences likely arising from their distinct personalities.

Hera in One Piece
Hera in One Piece (Via Toei Animation)

Considering Big Mom’s formidable battle experience, it’s implied that Zeus, at his peak, was most potent when wielded by Big Mom herself. The transition to Nami, while empowering, may place Zeus in the hands of a less experienced combatant, potentially affecting his effectiveness.


Their near-equal power levels suggest a close competition in a hypothetical battle between Hera and Zeus. However, Hera’s more battle-suited personality might give her an edge. Despite their comparable strength, Hera’s assertive demeanor positions her as potentially more formidable in confrontations.

The current status of Hera and other homies is uncertain after Big Mom falls into a volcano, with her survival unconfirmed. This adds a layer of mystery to these unique allies’ fate and potential future encounters.


As the One Piece narrative progresses, fans eagerly await revelations about Zeus, Hera, and the aftermath of Big Mom’s situation. Exploring their powers, loyalties, and potential confrontations remains an engaging aspect of the ongoing saga.

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Hera’s absence post-Wano arc raises speculation about a potential clash with Zeus. With no mention or appearance, it remains uncertain whether their powers will ever collide. The fate of these characters hangs in the balance, leaving fans to wonder about the untold chapters of their story in the expansive world of One Piece.

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