5 Anime Like Psycho-Pass

Psycho-Pass is arguably among the hottest stunt and sci-fi anime in the past couple of decades. With as many as 2 anime seasons and numerous movies at its disposal, the franchise decides to stay a benchmark in the audience degree. That’s the reason why, given the uncertainty about if it will go back to action, now we’ve listed anime like Psycho-Pass.

Anime Like Psycho-Pass

1. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex


We proceed to some contemporary context for a number of their most famous anime of all time. Even the”Ghost in the Shell” lineup was a symbol of science fiction for many years, and” Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone intricate ” is among its best exponents.

Within this anime, we’re in a society where many individuals have been cyborgs by getting all types of prosthetics. In the middle of this, we locate Motoko Kusanagi, where we shall follow through various police investigations, which is only going to exacerbate the amount of this fantastic work inside the anime similar to Psycho-Pass.


2.From the New World (Shinsekai Yori)

From the New World

“In the New World” disagrees at an integral stage from what’s been observed so much: that the supernatural acquires an extremely remarkable significance. Within this anime,

Shinsekai Yori tells the unique coming-of-age story of Saki and her friends as they journey to grow into their roles in the supposed utopia. Accepting these roles, however, might not come easy when faced with the dark and shocking truths of society, and the impending havoc born from the new world.

3.Cowboy bebop

Cowboy bebop

Much like”Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”, Cowboy Bebop is a complete classic, consequently, believed by many to be among the very best anime of history. The narrative starring Spike Spiegel and his allies chooses us once more to the future, where interplanetary travel and spacecraft have come to be really commonplace.


Similarly, Spike and Kogamithe latter being among the chief personalities in”Psycho-pass”, are rather similar. Finally, as among those comparable”Psycho-Pass” animes at”Cowboy Bebop” we’ll appreciate more of an individual narrative than a societal one, but using a detective’s signature which continues to succeed now.

4. Monster


After returning to the societies of their future, even in”Dragon”, we return to the previous. On this event, we detach ourselves from some other oppressive system to leap straight to one of those secrets to the two anime: the presence of an untreatable figure that, despite his grisly activities, eludes the facts with fantastic ease.

To a point, the protagonist of”Dragon” and Kogami at”Psycho-Pass” invest the whole anime pursuing a ghost which devastates everything in its course. In this way, “Dragon” becomes just one of the greatest thrillers in that to draw parallels and, thus, include it from the listing of anime like to Psycho-Pass.


5. Death Note

Death Note

The last anime in the list of anime similar to Psycho-Pass uses a cult job in precisely the exact same degree as the aforementioned “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”. “Death Note” is among those pillars of the arcade world, a job which has surpassed even for people that aren’t regular followers of this genre.

In”Death Note” we don’t deal with any type of future society, however, that contrasts with a brain game; a planned war where we’ll largely view Light Yagami and L. involved. He also called Kira will change society upside down in the shadows, forming an antihero figure nearer to the villains of earlier anime compared to his personalities. In short, a lot much more of those animes like”Psycho-Pass”

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