Why is Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx So Popular?

Why is Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx So Popular

Zero Two immediately attracted attention and caused everyone to fall in love with him when Darling aired in the Franxx in 2018. After a year has passed, he is still the most-voted waifu, from amateur weeaboos to veteran otaku, and I often see him on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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The reason Zero Two is Popular and Becomes a Waifu

Why is Zero Two so popular? To answer this question is very easy: Zero Two is popular because he was created to be a waifu character.

That means he was meant to be a waifu material from the start. To clarify that further, all waifu characters are at least interesting and have traits that appeal to different people.

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Zero 002 was built to appeal romantically and sexually to anime viewers. The character was reduced to being a waifu decoy in the middle of the show, even though there were stories that it was a waifu decoy from the start. She went from being a wild girl to a tame one pretty quickly.

Let’s analyze what made it so popular to understand this topic better.

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Darling in the Franxxx is ranked #101 in popularity and has 567,212 members on the anime website MyAnimeList. The main girl of this 2010s mecha anime was naturally destined to be popular.

Currently, 15,769 people chose Zero Two as their favorite character in MaL. While that may not seem like much, she is the 18th most popular woman in the database.

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Zero Two’s appearance in Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two has pink hair, horns, pale skin, and cute makeup, making her shine even more than the other girls. She is a hot girl.

Now, this is where it gets really interesting. She was written to be the main girl to excel from Darling in the Franxx. Thus, the other girls in the anime are average compared to her.

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Apart from saying babe in a uwu voice, he has a solid background which makes you sympathize with him but I don’t think that’s what made him so popular.

He has many traits that appeal to introverted otaku and gamers, who are often the main audience for anime.

Anime lovers are usually more introverted and shy people in general so that means that he is a perfect match for them.

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Several other reasons why Zero Two is perfect for most anime lovers. He is inaccessible to everyone except for the main male character: Hiro.

Zero Two takes initiative on her own, she is also brave and the whole anime is based on progress showing Zero Two as wild and cute when she messes with Hiro in the beginning which changes later when she starts to develop feelings for Hiro and falls in love with him, resulting in a mutual sharing of feelings. most intimate and creates a strong intimate bond.

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