Ranking of Kings Filler List

Ranking of Kings Filler List

The story follows a King who is deaf. The people in the kingdom think Bojji is useless because he can neither hear nor speak. They call him “The Useless Prince” and believe he’s a fool.

While Bojji may not be strong, he is not weak. When a chance encounter with a shadow creature should have been traumatic, it made him believe that he had found a friend amidst those who only chose to notice his shortcomings.


As Bojji and Kage forge a friendship, Bojji starts to consider conquering his fears in order to become the best king possible. While he faces constant ridicule for trying, Bojji remains resolved.

So let’s check out the Ranking of Kings Filler List.


Ranking of Kings Episode List

Ep / otakukanTitleType
1The Prince's New Clothes Canon
2The Prince and Kage Canon
3The New King Canon
4His First Journey Canon
5Intertwining Plots Canon
6The King of the Underworld Canon
7The Prince's Apprenticeship Canon
8The Sacrifice of Dreams Canon
9The Queen and the Shield Canon
10The Prince's Sword Canon
11Older and Younger Brothers Canon
12The Footsteps of War Canon
13The Kingdom in Turmoil Canon
14The Return of the Prince Canon
15The Order of the Underworld Canon
16Royal Majesty Canon
17The Curse of Immortality Canon
18Battle with the Gods Canon
19The Last Bastion Canon
20Immortal vs. Invincible Canon
21The Swordsmanship of a King Canon
22A Promise to the Demon Canon
23The King and the Sun Canon

Ranking of Kings Trailer

Ranking of Kings Part 2 | Official Trailer
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