Initial D Watch Order

Initial D Watch Order
Initial D

Initial D is a Japanese manga series and anime about the drivers of high-performance Japanese cars on mountain roads. The series conveys a sense of speed and danger far more convincingly than its western counterparts can. It’s also an incredibly compelling story about racing, whether you’re just into racing or not.

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It’s a top-rated anime series in the US that came out in 1995 and has spawned movies, a video game, and a remake anime. It follows Takumi Fujiwara, who drives a Toyota Sprinter AE86 Trueno. The car is one of the most famous cars in the series and is well-known for its role in racing.

Here we have listed the Initial D Watch Order

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Initial D Watch order

Initial D Chronological Order

  • Initial D First Stage
  • Initial D Second Stage
  • Initial D Extra Stage (Optional)
  • Initial D Third Stage
  • Initial D Fourth Stage
  • Initial D Extra Stage 2 (Optional)
  • Initial D Fifth Stage
  • Initial D Final Stage


  • Initial D Third Stage (2001)
  • New Initial D Movie: Legend 1 – Kakusei (2014)
  • New Initial D Movie: Legend 2 – Tousou (2015)
  • New Initial D Movie: Legend 3 – Mugen (2016)


  • Initial D Extra Stage (2001)
  • Initial D Battle Stage (2002)
  • Initial D Extra Stage 2 (2008)


  • Initial D: Project D to the Next Stage – Project D e Mukete (2003)

Where to Watch Initial D?


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Initial D is about a high school student named Takumi Fujiwara who delivers tofu for his dad’s business every morning. One day, he meets a guy named Keisuke Takahashi who is part of the Akina Speedsters, a street racing team. Keisuke challenges Takumi to a race and, even though Takumi has never raced before, he surprisingly wins.

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After that, Takumi becomes more involved in the world of street racing and starts to develop his skills as a driver. He also meets other racers, including Ryosuke Takahashi, Keisuke’s older brother, and Shuichi Shigeno, the creator of the Initial D manga.

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