Initial D Watch Order

Initial D Watch Order
Initial D

Initial D is a Japanese manga series and anime about the drivers of high-performance Japanese cars on mountain roads. The series conveys a sense of speed and danger far more convincingly than its western counterparts can. It’s also an incredibly compelling story about racing, whether you’re just into racing or not.

It’s a top-rated anime series in the US that came out in 1995 and has spawned movies, a video game, and a remake anime. It follows Takumi Fujiwara, who drives a Toyota Sprinter AE86 Trueno. The car is one of the most famous cars in the series and is well-known for its role in racing.


Here we have listed the Initial D Watch Order

Initial D Watch order

Initial D Chronological Order

  • Initial D First Stage
  • Initial D Second Stage
  • Initial D Extra Stage (Optional)
  • Initial D Third Stage
  • Initial D Fourth Stage
  • Initial D Extra Stage 2 (Optional)
  • Initial D Fifth Stage
  • Initial D Final Stage


  • Initial D Third Stage (2001)
  • New Initial D Movie: Legend 1 – Kakusei (2014)
  • New Initial D Movie: Legend 2 – Tousou (2015)
  • New Initial D Movie: Legend 3 – Mugen (2016)


  • Initial D Extra Stage (2001)
  • Initial D Battle Stage (2002)
  • Initial D Extra Stage 2 (2008)


  • Initial D: Project D to the Next Stage – Project D e Mukete (2003)

Where to Watch Initial D?


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Initial D is about a high school student named Takumi Fujiwara who delivers tofu for his dad’s business every morning. One day, he meets a guy named Keisuke Takahashi who is part of the Akina Speedsters, a street racing team. Keisuke challenges Takumi to a race and, even though Takumi has never raced before, he surprisingly wins.

After that, Takumi becomes more involved in the world of street racing and starts to develop his skills as a driver. He also meets other racers, including Ryosuke Takahashi, Keisuke’s older brother, and Shuichi Shigeno, the creator of the Initial D manga.

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