Free! Anime Watch Order (Free! Watch Order)

How to Watch Free! Anime in Order (Free! Watch Order)

Free! is a Japanese anime television show Created by Kyoto Animation. The first two seasons have loosely depended on the light book Novel, High Speed! Composed by Kōji Ōji, which obtained an honorable mention at the  Kyoto Animation Award competition in 2011 and was printed in July 2013.

The very first season, Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club, led in Japan in 2013, along with the next season titled,” Free! – Eternal Summer, headquartered in 2014. A third period of the anime show titled,” Free! – Free! – Dive to the Future aired in 2018.


So as the title says, we will be sharing the Free! Watch Order guide in this article along with Free! Movies List.

Free! Watch Order

  • Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club
  • Free! – Eternal Summer
  • Free! Starting Days  (High Speed!: Free! Starting Days)
  • Free! – Take Your Marks
  • Free!: Dive to the Future

Free! Movies List

  • Free! Movie 1: Timeless Medley – Kizuna
  • Free! Movie 1: Timeless Medley – Kizuna – Character Butai Aisatsu
  • Free! Movie 2: Timeless Medley – Yakusoku
  • Free! Movie 2: Timeless Medley – Yakusoku: Character Butai Aisatsu
  • Free! Take Your Marks
  • Free! Take Your Marks: Character Butai Aisatsu
  • Free! Movie 3: Road to the World – Yume
  • Free! (Movie) (2021)

How to Watch Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club Anime

Watch Free! Trailer

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Free! is set in the town of Iwatobi, Japan, which is based on Iwami, Tottori. The story is centered on high school student Haruka Nanase, a gifted swimmer. After encountering his childhood rival, Rin Matsuoka from Samezuka Academy, he and his friends revitalize Iwatobi High School’s swim team.

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