Dragon Ball Z Kakarot : First DLC officially announced

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot First DLC

Bandai Namco has officially unveiled the first DLC for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot , the action RPG released in January .


At the moment we do not know exactly what the plot of the DLC will be , but we can get an idea thanks to the characters and settings revealed.


The new characters of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will be Whis , Beerus and the Super Saiyan God forms of Goku and Vegeta .

At first glance it might seem that this DLC deals with the events of ” Battle of the Gods “, the penultimate film of the Z series and the first saga of the Super series , but it is the name of the expansion that does not convince.


” The awakening of a new power ” could indicate the time span between ” Battle of the Gods ” and ” Resurrection of F “, or where Goku and Vegeta reach Beerus and Whis to train in the Super Saiyan God technique , the first introduced in Dragon Ball Super .

At the moment nothing is known of this DLC , except that it will be released during this spring, presumably in May

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