Charlotte Filler List

Charlotte Filler List

Charlotte is a Japanese anime television series produced by Aniplex that aired from September 2015 to March 2016. The story follows a group of students who have supernatural powers. The main character, Tomori Nao, can see ghosts.

She meets another student, Yuu Otosaka, who can possess people’s bodies for five seconds. Together, they use their powers to help people and stop those who misuse their abilities. Check out the Charlotte Filler List below.


Charlotte Filler List

1I Think About OthersAnime Canon2015-07-05
2Melody of DespairAnime Canon2015-07-12
3Love and FlameAnime Canon2015-07-19
4A Moment of HonestyAnime Canon2015-07-26
5The Sound Once HeardAnime Canon2015-08-02
6Overlooked HappinessAnime Canon2015-08-09
7At the End of the EscapeAnime Canon2015-08-16
8A Chance EncounterAnime Canon2015-08-23
9A World Not HereAnime Canon2015-08-30
10PlunderAnime Canon2015-09-06
11CharlotteAnime Canon2015-09-13
12PromiseAnime Canon2015-09-20
13What I’ll Become From Here On OutAnime Canon2015-09-27
14The Strong OnesAnime Canon2016-03-30


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Charlotte is a popular anime that tells the story of a group of young superhumans who use their powers to help people. The main character, Charlotte, is a girl who can make objects float with her mind. She uses her power to help people in need and deals with the pressures of being a teenager. The anime is full of action, adventure, and humor, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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