All About Nemesis in To LOVE-Ru Darkness

All About Nemesis in To Love Ru

To LOVE-Ru Darkness is an anime with a rich story that centers around Rito Yuki and the many female characters with romantic intentions for him.

The To LOVE-Ru Darkness anime is the sequel to the To LOVE-Ru anime. It picks up where the first season left off, with Rito Yuuki struggling to confess his feelings to Haruna Sairenji. However, things take a turn for the worse when a new transfer student, Mea Kurosaki, arrives at school and starts making advances on Rito.


The To LOVE-Ru Darkness anime is full of action, comedy,  course) romance. If you’re looking for a fun and wild ride, this is the show for you!

Who is Nemesis?

Nemesis is a character introduced into LOVE-Ru Darkness. She’s a transformation weapon like Golden Darkness and Kurosaki Mea but doesn’t share their genetic origins.


She has black hair and always seems to be wearing a black dress. Nemesis is very powerful and often uses her powers to cause mischief. She also has a crush on Rito Yuuki, the series’ main character.

She was Mea’s master who convinces her that this was the only life they were meant to live as the heartless assassin she once was. She is considered an antagonist in LOVE-Ru Darkness due to her catalyst-like role in the overall plot. She wants to manipulate him into becoming an assassin again and wants to have him as a servant because of his ability to influence Yami and Mea.


Nemesis’s real identity is unknown, and her ‘Nemesis’ name is from Project Nemesis an assassin organization that also created Yami and Mea. However, this project was a failure according to Tearju Lunatique, but Nemesis survived it.

Nemesis Powers and Abilities

Nemesis has dark matter-based physiology and can use her abilities with different types of shapes. She is able to shift shape and uses the same common abilities that Mea and Yami have.

  • Shape-shifting: One of Nemesis’ powers is her ability to shapeshift. She can take on any appearance and alter the shape of her form. She can turn into people she knows or animals, even if they are much smaller than her. She also has the power to sprout wings that enable flight.
  • Hair Manipulation: Nemesis can create several forms with her hair, such as weapons and other animate objects.
  • Trans-Fusion
  • Partial Materialization
  • Regeneration
  • Body Jack

Nemesis Images

Nemesis Butter Fly Form All About Nemesis in To Love Ru


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