Fairy Tail Anime Couples

The Best Couples From The Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a hugely popular manga that also has an anime adaptation. This series debuted in 2009 after the popularity of the manga increased interest.

The Fairy Tail characters always go on magical adventures and battle against sorcerers, wizards, dragons, and other evil creatures. This article lists the most famous couples from the Fairy Tail series and why they’re such a big fan favorite!


One thing that attracts anime fans to Fairy Tail is the relationships between the Popular anime couples. Personality changes and how they interact make no one indifferent to these couples.

Best Fairy Tail Couples

10. Romeo and Wendy

Romeo and Wendy


This is the youngest couple on our list, but despite being just kids, they are one of the best duos in the entire anime. Despite being powerful and a dragon slayer (a scary title), Wendy is very polite and charming. Romeo, however, is a fire sorcerer!

They make a well-loved couple, and we can see from the number of fanfics on the internet that they are among the most popular among fans.


9. Happy and Carla

Happy and Carla

Without a doubt, Happy and Carla are one of the most dysfunctional couples in the anime, and for many people, they don’t even qualify as a couple!

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Everyone knows that Happy is entirely in love with Carla, but he does not always reciprocate in the same way.

But after much insistence, they ended up forming an almost inseparable duo! Another thing that favors these two is their super sweet appearance!

8. Sting and Yukino

Sting and Yukino

This is a somewhat controversial choice as not everyone will agree that we think Sting and Yukino are one of the best couples in the anime.


Sting is overly concerned and protective of Yukino, which is reflected in how the two characters relate. In addition, Sting and Yukino belong to the same house. That is, this seems to be a couple with everything going right!

7. Elfman and Evergreen

Elfman and Evergreen

Despite their apparent differences, Elfman and Evergreen have much more in common than you might think, and one of those things is the chemistry between them.

It’s pretty apparent that Evergreen likes Elfman, and everyone already knows that the big guy also has strong feelings for his partner.

All this dynamic and the way the two relate make them one of the perfect couples in a Fairy Tale, and that’s why they deserve the sixth position on our list.

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6. Bacchus and Cana

Bacchus and Cana

This is one of the most cartoonish couples in the anime. That’s because Bacchus and Cana have pretty much the same personality!


They are compelling and capable of giving immense work to anyone who crosses their path.
Another detail of these two characters is that they love to drink too much, which provides a lot of fun for anime viewers.

5. Zeref and Mavis

Zeref and Mavis


This is one of Fairy Tail’s most iconic duos. Zeref and Mavis are longtime friends, and it’s clear that they both respect each other fraternally.

The dynamic of this couple is very caricatured, making them two characters so exciting and making their relationship one of the most special in the anime.

Above all, Zeref and Mavis represent everything accurate friendship means, which makes them both worthy of being on the list.


4. Gray and Juvia

Gray and Juvia

Juvia is utterly crazy about Grey, something that ends up being represented as an obsession with the character.

Admittedly, this is sometimes a little bizarre, but the way the two relate turns out to be extremely sweet and very loving.


Gray takes a while to realize that Juvia is obsessed with him, and that only happens when Ezra mentions this subject.

3. Gajeel and Levy

Gajeel and Levy

This couple represents one of the biggest clichés in fictional pieces; however, despite being obvious, it doesn’t make them less attractive.

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Gajeel and Levy are one of the funniest and cutest couples in the anime. Gajeel is a muscular and robust guy, while Levy is a fragile and studious girl.

In fact, in a battle with Capricorn, Levy admits the love he feels for Gajeel, one of the most iconic moments of this couple.

2. Jellal and Erza

Jellal and Erza


Probably one of the most beautiful and pure relationships in Fairy Tail, the love that the two feel for each other is very strong, which can be seen throughout the story.

Both Jellal and Ezra have been romantically related since childhood, and both were slaves in their past, but the love was very strong, so the less good moments left everything to lose.

Undoubtedly the couple with the most meaning in the anime and one of the fans’ favorites, they deserve a place on this list!


1. Natsu and Lucy

Natsu and Lucy

This is, without any doubt, the main couple of Fairy Tail. Natsu is a real prince, and Lucy is his dear princess.
Their love is so unique that even Hiro ships them! Natsu always puts his life on the line to make Lucy happy, saving her many times.

Natsu has already saved her in almost all circumstances, including from the Celestial Spirits. Without a doubt, this couple deserves first place on our list!

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