“Atelier Ryza” Anime Reveals Exciting New Trailer and Poster

"Atelier Ryza" Anime Reveals Exciting New Trailer and Poster

The Atelier Ryza franchise gets an anime adaptation with a release date set on July 1st in Japan.

Koei Tecmo America announced the upcoming Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout anime. Fans are thrilled to see a trailer and a stunning poster featuring the beloved characters.


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Atelier Ryza follows the adventures of a young girl named Reisalin “Ryza” Stout, who resides on Kurken Island and longs for her exciting journey. Along with her friends, Lent Marslink and Tao Mongarten, Ryza secretly travels to the mainland by boat and meets Klaudia Valentz, the daughter of a merchant, who they quickly befriend.


However, their encounter is interrupted by a sudden monster attack, and they are saved by Empel Vollmer, an alchemist, and his bodyguard, Lila Decyrus. Impressed by their skills, Ryza, Tao, and Lent convince Empel and Lila to take them on as apprentices.

Empel teaches Ryza the basics of alchemy and assists Tao with his studies while Lent trains with Lila in combat. As they continue to improve their skills, they restore an abandoned cottage in the forest, which becomes their base of operations on the mainland and Ryza’s atelier. Klaudia later joins their group after receiving approval from her father.


Together, they embark on various adventures, encountering new challenges and discovering the secrets of alchemy along the way.

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