9 Games like Sleeping Dogs


Games like sleeping dogs open the avenue for people to be interested in games of the same genre. People are becoming more interested in games revolving around crime, driving, fighting, and parkour. This game was published in 2012 and is offered on several platforms, such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows.

Sleeping dogs engage their players by showcasing different stories from legal or illegal activists. They can explore the area either by foot or by vehicle as per the leading player, Shen, wishes. As and when players go ahead in the game, they can generate three types of experience points: Triad, Face, and Police. These challenges will enable the user to play more engaging games. The players have complete control over the game, and it’s a storyline.


This article will tell some other games, just as mentioned above. It will talk about similar genre games in which people are getting engaged.

1. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Mafia-The-City-of-Lost-Heaven Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven is the first game of the Mafia series installed. It was released in 2002 on Windows and several other platforms, such as Xbox and PlayStation 2. It is a third-person shooting game.


2. The Saboteur


The Saboteur is a game that is open to the world. It is themed in World War II. It is a very unique and exciting game. It is available on Xbox 360, Windows, and PlayStation platforms.

3. Yakuza



This takes the player back to the time of 1989 in Tokyo. It focuses on an action series adventure that can be played on various platforms.

4. Watch Dogs



This game is an open-world adventure game; the player can decide the direction and main story. This is all based on his choices and the character he picks to play. It is set in a modern era in the city of Chicago. It has based its story on technology hacking.

5. Red Dead Redemption


Red Dead Redemption is a game in the Western era of 1911. It is available on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Rockstar Games publish this and is one of the most popular games available in this genre.


6. Watch Dogs 2


It features several platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It shows the players and lets them explore the Bay Area. It is the story of a hacker who wishes to hack the technological surveillance system of the city. The area is explored by a hacker named Marcus Holloway.

7. Infamous



This game is where the player is given multiple powers, such as lighting bolts, and it only revolves around action-adventure games. It is played by a character named Cole McGrath. The main player has a bike through which players control his movements. He was injured in an explosion that the city faced but he returned with some great magical powers.

8. The Godfather II

This game is in continuation with the whole Godfather series. It is based on the story of another mafia and is based on another world experience. The player needs to make strong decisions based on a strategy to save themselves and others based on the decision. It will show how one undermines the Mafia family.

9. Grand Theft Auto V



This game is based on 2008 in a special series of Rockstar. It was released on its console first, like several other games. It was initially compatible only with Windows. Here, the players explore Liberty City, which is split into four districts. The player has to take control of the life of a man called Niki Bellic, who has just moved to the city.

Here are some games listed that hope to help the readers explore some games of the same genre as Sleeping Dogs. Plenty of gamers are available, and they wish to play other games rather than one all the time.

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