Vice City Lights Up! GTA 6 Trailer Drops Early, Teases 2025 Release

Vice City Lights Up! GTA 6 Trailer Drops Early, Teases 2025 Release

Surprise, surprise! Rockstar Games had plans to unveil the first GTA VI trailer tomorrow, December 5, at precisely 2 pm GMT / 9 am ET. But guess what? The GTA VI trailer is unexpectedly out for viewing a day early. Yes, you read that right.


As I was getting ready to doze off, anticipating the grand reveal of the first GTA VI trailer tomorrow, I was hit with a curveball. Leaks are quite common in the gaming industry, and this time was no different.

Someone spilled the beans by leaking the trailer online a whopping 14 hours ahead of schedule. Rockstar Games, not one to be outdone, took to Twitter, stating, “Our trailer has leaked, so please watch the real thing on YouTube.” And there you have it, folks—indulge in the first trailer below.

YouTube video


Thanks to last year’s leak, our suspicions about Jason and Lucia acting as dual protagonists have been confirmed. The trailer appears to be entirely set in the present day. While there were rumors of a possible 1980s setting, we can’t rule out flashbacks entirely. However, the unmistakable backdrop is Vice City, another detail teased by previous leaks.

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The game’s title is officially confirmed as GTA VI, putting any speculation about Rockstar dropping the numbering to rest. But here’s the info you’ve all been waiting for—the release window. Unfortunately, it’s what many feared. We’ll need to exercise patience until 2025 for the grand launch of GTA VI. But seriously, take a moment to appreciate those jaw-dropping graphics. If this is just a sneak peek of what’s to come, we’re in for an extraordinary gaming experience that’ll undoubtedly be worth the wait.


GTA 6 Release Date

As of today, December 5, 2023, the official release date for GTA 6 is sometime in 2025. While no specific day or month has been announced, the trailer’s release and confirmation of the release window suggest that development is progressing smoothly.

  • On November 7, 2022, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, hinted at a potential 2024 release window for GTA 6 during their quarterly financial earnings call.
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Fast forward to December 5, 2023, and Rockstar Games throws a curveball by dropping the official GTA 6 trailer ahead of schedule. The trailer confirms a 2025 release window and gives fans a glimpse of the dazzling neon-soaked landscape of Vice City.


As of, December 5, 2023, the official release date for GTA 6 is set for sometime in 2025. While the exact day and month remain undisclosed, the trailer’s release and the release window’s confirmation suggest that development is progressing smoothly.

Here are some additional details regarding the release:

  • Platforms: GTA 6 is slated for release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, there is no official confirmation regarding a PC release date.
  • Pre-orders: Rockstar Games is yet to announce the commencement date for GTA 6 pre-orders.
  • DLC: While official DLC plans are undisclosed, Rockstar Games has a track record of delivering substantial expansions for their GTA games.
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