Vinland Saga Chapter 208 Release Date & Spoilers

Vinland Saga Chapter 208 Release Date & Spoilers

In the last chapter, things got dicey during negotiations with the Lnu when Thorfinn got unexpectedly shot with arrows. Luckily, Hild stepped in to save Thorfinn from getting seriously hurt.


Even with his injuries, the immediate concern is the impending danger, and they need to figure out a way to get out of there fast. Once Thorfinn realizes the threat, Einar and Bug-Eyes quickly alert the village about the approaching Lnu army.

Thorfinn entrusts Hild, leading them to safety. Even though Einar disagrees with Thorfinn’s choices, time is of the essence. Thorfinn emphasizes the importance of survival and reaching the village while dealing with pursuers. Amidst all this tension, another story unfolds in the village: Cordelia goes into labor. Those present are responsible for ensuring her safety in Thorfinn’s absence.

To add to the pressure, the Lnu set fire to a neighbor’s house, making things even more intense for Cordelia. Despite these external threats, Cordelia remains focused on the birthing process, displaying incredible strength and determination.


Vinland Saga Chapter 208 Release Date

Update as of 28-12-2023

  • Vinland Saga is on an unannounced hiatus this month. There will be NO chapter this month. The next chapter will release on January 25th.
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What Happened in Vinland Saga Chapter 207

In Vinland Saga Chapter 207, negotiations with the Lnu tribe turn dangerous when Thorfinn gets shot by an arrow. Luckily, his friend Hild saves him. Knowing the Lnu army approaches, Thorfinn decides they must escape to warn their village despite his injury. But fellow villager Einar is unhappy Thorfinn is making unilateral decisions.


Vinland Saga Chapter 207

As they argue, both groups prepare for a confrontation. Remarkably, Thorfinn hopes to resolve this without violence if possible. His priority is ensuring everyone gets home safely. Back in the village, the pregnant Cordelia goes into labor just as the Lnu attacks and sets fire to a neighbor’s house. With Thorfinn gone, others must help Cordelia give birth amidst the chaos.


Vinland Saga Chapter 207 Manga

Thorfinn and Hild set up traps, hoping to slow the Lnu rather than fully engage them. Meanwhile, Cordelia remains focused on delivering her child safely. The chapter ends with Thorfinn and Hild ready to face the Lnu while a mysterious giant named Ga’aoqi captures people’s attention back in the village.

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Where to Read Vinland Saga Chapter 208

You can look forward to reading Vinland Saga Chapter 207 when it becomes available on Pocket Shonen Magazine and Kodansha. Stay tuned for its release!

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