How to use dodge in Resident Evil 3 Remake

resident evil 3 remake Dodge

The dodging system was first used in the classic Resident Evil 3 in 1999 and is now back in Remake.


In today’s post, we teach you how to master this technique and give your enemies the undead enemies in Raccoon City several tricks.

Resident Evil 3 Remake – How to use dodge correctly

The dodge in Resident Evil 3 Remake is triggered by pressing the button R1 (Playstation 4), RB (Xbox One) or Space-bar (PRAÇA). Unlike the classic Resident Evil 3 where the dodge command only worked at the exact moment of the attack, in the recent version the command is free and some speedrunners they even use it as a device to make the character go faster at certain times.


To begin, it is important to say that there are two different avoidance movements: the traditional and the perfect avoidance. The difference between them is only the timing to perform the action.

When executing the perfect dodge, it is still possible to amend a counter-attack against enemies, which further enhances the efficiency of this movement.


Another important point is that Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira have different movements. While Jill is actually dodging, Carlos uses a kind of parry that can take down weaker enemies like zombies, and briefly stops the movement of stronger enemies like Hunters and Lickers.

Standard dodge

The standard dodge is basically a fast forward or backwards Jill Valentine when you press the R1 (RB or Space) + directional up, down or to either side. That way it is possible to escape the onslaught of enemies.

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However, this movement has a recovery time for the character after its execution, which leaves it susceptible to attack by enemies at the end of the movement. Because of this, it is recommended that the player does not execute the command more than twice in a row, because the more times the command is done in a row, the longer the recovery time.

Carlos’ movement is a little different. Instead of dodging, the Umbrella mercenary performs a kind of parry that drops some zombies to the ground and ceases attacking moves by Lickers and Hunters.

Like Jill’s dodge, Carlos’s trim has a recovery time that leaves him open to enemy attacks. So be very careful when using this command, always keep in mind the distance to your enemy and how far Jill or Carlos advance/retreat when executing them.

Perfect dodge

To make a perfect dodge the big secret is to learn to read the movements of enemies and press the command on timing right.

At first, this may seem complicated, but it is basically a matter of practice and the result of a perfect dodge is highly rewarding and very useful – in fact essential – at Nightmare and Infernal difficulty levels.

The perfect dodge is performed when the player presses the R1 button (RB or Space) at the exact moment when an enemy initiates an attack near the character. Jill performs a scrolling motion and the edges of the screen have a kind of a blur, while time slowly decelerates.

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This move is extremely useful to escape mainly from Nemesis attacks, since the scrolling movement besides avoiding the attack itself, still puts Jill at a reasonable distance from the enemy and ready to continue his escape.

Unlike the standard dodge, the perfect dodge has no recovery time, which is why it is such an important mechanic to learn if you intend to face the challenges of Nightmare and Infernal mode, where Nemesis has an absurdly higher speed than other modes.

With Carlos, the parry becomes a powerful punch that knocks down or stuns enemies for a precious fraction of seconds. The mechanics to execute this movement are the same as Jill’s and are fundamental to deal with the Hunters at the Hospital, for example.


Jill and Carlos’ perfect dodge moves are the gateway to the counterattack, a move complementary to the perfect dodge that is extremely useful in combat against more powerful enemies or hordes of zombies.

After executing a perfect dodge, immediately press the button to aim. With this the character aims directly at the enemy’s head, regardless of who he is. During this movement, time slows down and the player can choose to aim at another region of the enemy, but he must be quick to do so.

This technique is especially effective against the final form of Nemesis in the Nightmare and Hell difficulties, since

When executing a counterattack with the special knife “Hot Plate” equipped, Jill performs a movement similar to a “shoryuken ” against the enemy, causing great damage to it.

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