Pokémon Shield Nintendo Reveals New Pokémon Sirfetch’d


The official site for the up and coming Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Nintendo Switch pretending games uncovered the new Pokémon Sirfetch’d on Wednesday. Farfetch’d in the Galar district develop into Sirfetch’d after they contend in numerous fights. The site started gushing a presentation video for the Pokémon.

The Fighting-type Pokémon utilizes the stalk of a leek as a spear and the leaves of the leek as a shield. At the point when the leek wilts after numerous years, Sirfetch’d resigned from the fight. The Pokémon can utilize the new select move Meteor Assault.

The site started prodding the new Pokémon with “glitched” pages on Friday.

The games will send worldwide for the Switch on November 15.


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