Oshi no Ko Chapter 136 Release Date & Where to Read

Oshi no Ko Chapter 136 Release Date & Where to Read

Although the manga series is not taking a break, the magazine it’s published in will be on hiatus next week. This means fans must wait an extra week for the next chapter.


In the last chapter, Gotanda and Aqua pondered whether Ai used to cry during tough times, but they couldn’t figure it out. Shortly after, they shifted their discussion to Ruby and Kana’s friendship, which appeared to be going through a challenging phase.

What Happened in Oshi no Ko Chapter 135

In Oshi no Ko Chapter 135, titled “By Her Side,” Aqua talks to Gotanda about Ai. Ruby asks Gotanda if Ai used to cry when things were tough, but Aqua is unsure. Despite the uncertainty, Aqua is confident that his mom didn’t cry. Gotanda, not having the answer, aims to portray Ruby in the best way possible to share Ai’s story. Although it might be tough for Ruby, Gotanda believes she’ll be okay with Kana by her side.

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Oshi no Ko Chapter 135


However, Ruby and Kana’s friendship has been rough, making Aqua and Gotanda question their bond. Despite this, Aqua is sure the filming will go well because both actresses are impressively dedicated to their work.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 136 Release Date

Oshi no Ko Chapter 136 is set to be released on Wednesday, January 3, for most fans worldwide. However, for fans in Japan, the new chapter will be available on Thursday, January 4, at 12 am JST.


The international release times for Oshi no Ko Manga Chapter 136 are as follows:

Time ZoneRelease TimeRelease DayRelease Date
Pacific Standard Time7 amWednesdayJanuary 3
Central Standard Time9 amWednesdayJanuary 3
Eastern Standard Time10 amWednesdayJanuary 3
Greenwich Mean Time3 pmWednesdayJanuary 3
Central European Time4 pmWednesdayJanuary 3
Indian Standard Time8:30 pmWednesdayJanuary 3
Philippine Standard Time11 pmWednesdayJanuary 3
Australia Central Standard Time12:30 amThursdayJanuary 4
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Oshi no Ko Chapter 136 Spoilers

Chapter 136 of Oshi no Ko is expected to showcase Ruby and Kana performing their roles as Ai and Nino. The scene involves Nino criticizing Ai for being part of the B-Komachi idol group. Given the strained relationship between Ruby and Kana, there’s a possibility that this scene could further damage their friendship.


The upcoming chapter holds the potential to either strengthen or completely break Ruby and Kana’s bond. The outcome may hinge on Kana Arima’s response and how she handles the situation with Ruby.

Where to read Oshi no Ko Chapter 136

Oshi no Ko Chapter 136 will soon be available in its original Japanese language format on Manga Plus. You can read the Oshi no Ko manga in its raw Japanese form on Young Jump.

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