Oshi no Ko Chapter 134 Release Date & Where to Read

Oshi no Ko Chapter 134 Release Date & Where to Read

In Oshi no Ko Chapter 133, “Acting,” we dive into the intricate dynamics among Kana Hoshino, Ruby Hoshino, and Ai Hoshino. The chapter starts with Kana’s choice to leave B-Komachii, her idol group, putting Ruby in the spotlight as the new center.


Kana opens up about her reasons for quitting, confessing that she harbored resentment towards Ruby for outshining her as an idol. She admits to envying Ruby’s talent, popularity, and seemingly easy success, eventually leading her to leave her idol career.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 133

On the flip side, Ruby grapples with the abrupt departure of her groupmate and close friend. She feels a sense of guilt, thinking she played a role in Kana’s decision to leave. Ruby also faces the challenge of filling Kana’s shoes and maintaining B-Komachii’s success.


The climax of the chapter hits when Kana drops a bombshell on Ruby. She reveals a shocking secret – she knows who murdered Ai Hoshino. This revelation stunned Ruby, causing her to question everything she thought she knew about her mother.

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Oshi no Ko Chapter 133 keeps readers on edge, intensifying the mystery surrounding Ai’s death and adding layers of complexity to the relationships between the characters.


Oshi no Ko Chapter 134 Release Date

Oshi no Ko Chapter 134 is scheduled to be released on December 14, 2023, at 6:00 PM JST. This corresponds to the following times in other timezones:

  • Coordinated Universal Time: Wednesday, December 14, 2023 5:00 PM
  • Pacific Standard Time: Wednesday, December 14, 2023 8:00 A
  • Central Standard Time: Wednesday, December 14, 2023 9:00 A
  • Eastern Standard Time: Wednesday, December 14, 2023 10:00 AM
  • Indian Standard Time: Wednesday, December 14, 2023, 5:30 PM

Oshi No Ko 134 Spoiler

The chapter starts with Ruby and Kana conversing in the park, delving into Kana’s revelation. Ruby is still processing the shock of learning that Kana knows who murdered Ai. Despite her pressing, Kana refuses to disclose the identity, citing a need to protect Ruby, insisting that knowing the truth would pose a danger.

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Frustrated and angered by Kana’s secrecy, Ruby storms off, leaving Kana alone in the park. Meanwhile, Aqua, an idol grappling with Ai’s death, meets with her manager, Marina Tendouji. Concerned about Aqua’s mental state, Marina suggests a break from idol life to focus on her well-being.

Initially resistant, Aqua eventually agrees, acknowledging the necessity of taking time for herself. Back in the park, Kana contemplates Ruby and the looming truth she needs to share, grappling with the fear of Ruby’s potential reaction.

Ultimately, Kana reveals the truth through a letter left at Ruby’s apartment before leaving town. Discovering the letter, Ruby learns a shocking revelation: her father, alive and responsible for Ai’s death, is unveiled.

Devastated and overwhelmed, Ruby grapples with complex emotions, harboring anger towards her father for the murder and Kana for the kept secret. Determined to confront her father, Ruby embarks on a journey, setting the stage for a significant shift in the series.

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The chapter marks a pivotal moment, unraveling Ai’s murderer’s identity and altering Ruby and Kana’s relationship trajectory. The unexpected twist adds depth to Ruby’s character arc, intriguing readers about the unfolding repercussions and the evolving dynamics between the characters.

Where to read Oshi no Ko Chapter 134

Oshi no Ko Chapter 134 will soon be available in its original Japanese language format on Manga Plus. You can read the Oshi no Ko manga in its raw Japanese form on Young Jump.

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