Oshi No Ko Chapter 130 Release Date & Spoiler

Oshi No Ko Chapter 130 Release Date & Spoiler

Good news for manga enthusiasts: there won’t be an Oshi No Ko hiatus next week, and the next chapter will arrive on schedule. You can catch it on the MANGA Plus app.

The filming for the “15-Year Lie” movie commenced in the previous chapter. Akane, Kana, and Mem-Cho aced their roles. But, things took a twist when Ruby, intentionally provoked by Gotanda, started mirroring Ai’s behavior. Since Ai concealed her frustration, Ruby’s portrayal unveiled Ai’s genuine emotions.


What Happened in Oshi No Ko Chapter 129

In Oshi No Ko Chapter 129, titled “Piece,” we dive into the beginning of the “15-Year Lie” movie production. The chapter introduces the cast and crew, including Ruby Hoshino (Ai Hoshino’s daughter), Akane Hoshino (Ai’s sister), Kana Hoshino (Ai’s niece), and Mem-Cho (Aqua Hoshino’s manager, a reincarnation of Gorou Amamiya).

  Oshi No Ko Chapter 129 Release Date & Spoiler

Oshi No Ko Chapter 129


The central focus is on Ruby’s first day of filming. She’s understandably nervous but resolute in giving her best. The movie’s director, Taishi Gotanda, is renowned for his demanding nature and wastes no time putting Ruby to the test. He assigns her a challenging scene where Ai realizes she’s pregnant.

Ruby initially struggles, but with determination, she immerses herself in her character. Her performance wows everyone on set, even earning praise from Gotanda, who admits to underestimating her.


The chapter concludes with Ruby feeling optimistic about her acting career. She’s committed to upholding her mother’s legacy and becoming a remarkable actress.

Beyond the main plot, the chapter delves into other significant developments. We learn that Kana is still grappling with her mother’s death and dealing with jealousy towards Ruby, who’s in the spotlight. Additionally, Aqua continues his investigation into his mother’s death, steadfast in his quest to find her killer and seek justice.

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Oshi No Ko Chapter 130 Release Date & Time

Oshi no Ko chapter 130 is set to be released on Thursday, October 26, at 12 a.m. JST. The upcoming Oshi no Ko chapter 130 will be released internationally at the following times:

Time ZoneRelease TimeRelease DayRelease Date
Pacific Daylight Time7 amWednesdayOctober 25
Central Daylight Time9 amWednesdayOctober 25
Eastern Daylight Time10 amWednesdayOctober 25
British Summer Time3 pmWednesdayOctober 25
Central European Summer Time4 pmWednesdayOctober 25
Indian Standard Time8:30 pmWednesdayOctober 25
Philippine Standard Time11 pmWednesdayOctober 25
Australia Central Standard Time12:30 amThursdayOctober 26

What to expect from Oshi no Ko chapter 130?

In Oshi no Ko Chapter 130, we can expect the movie’s shooting to continue. The previous chapter centered on Ruby portraying her mother Ai’s role. In the upcoming chapter, the focus might shift to Aqua, who is playing Hikaru Kamiki’s character. Since Aqua may not have had much interaction with Hikaru, he might need to channel his father’s impersonation skills.

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Alternatively, the chapter could also introduce the Crow Girl’s debut as Tsukuyomi in the film industry. She’s set to act as baby Aqua and Ruby, so we might witness her impersonation of these characters. It’s an exciting possibility for the next chapter.

Where to read Oshi no Ko Chapter 130 ?

Oshi no Ko Chapter 130 will soon be accessible in its original Japanese language format on Manga Plus. You can read the Oshi no Ko manga in its raw Japanese form on Young Jump.

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