One Piece Chapter 1102 Release Date & Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1102 Release Date & Spoilers

This chapter had us all expecting to dive into the ongoing events on Egghead Island, finding out what’s in store for the Straw Hats and Bonney. Leaks and fan speculations hinted at something major happening in this chapter.


However, Oda took us on an emotional journey into Bonney’s past as a child, revealing her longing to explore the world and be with her father. Surprisingly, Kuma’s presence in Fusha village seems more coincidental than anything significant. He just happened to be there, perhaps seeing something special in Luffy.

The chapter unfolds with Bonney waiting patiently for years to hear from her father, only to have Alpha, the caretaker, cruelly burn all the letters. As Bonney completes her treatment, she gears up for adventure, knocking out Alpha in a style reminiscent of Luffy, ready to set sail.

Now, fans are left wondering about the series’ future direction and what awaits us in the next manga installment.


What Happened in One Piece Chapter 1101

In the last One Piece, Chapter 1101, titled “To Bonney,” we dived deep into Bonney’s reaction to the startling revelations about Kuma’s past and the secrets in his Paw-Paw Fruit. The chapter took us on a journey back in time, unveiling a crucial meeting between Kuma and Dragon, where they discussed the potential of a young Monkey D. Luffy.

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One Piece Chapter 1101


To add to the shock factor, we learned about Bonney’s true lineage, confirming her as a half-Celestial Dragon.

The narrative also touched upon the tragic destinies of Stussy and Kuma, emphasizing their sacrifices and the loss of their individuality. Moreover, Bonney hinted at the expansive powers of her Devil Fruit, suggesting a potential transformation similar to Luffy’s Gear Fifth “Nika” state.


While the full details are yet to be unveiled in the official release on December 11, 2023, One Piece Chapter 1101 left us on the edge of our seats, promising a crucial moment filled with revelations and suspense.

One Piece Chapter 1102 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1102 is officially scheduled for release on December 24, 2023.

The chapter was initially scheduled for release on December 17, 2023. However, due to Eiichiro Oda’s involvement in a special event in Chiba, Japan, on December 16-17, the release date was postponed by a week.

  • US & Canada (Pacific Time): 07:00 hrs on Sunday, December 24th, 2023.
  • Mexico (Central Time): 09:00 hrs on Sunday, December 24th, 2023.
  • US & Canada (Eastern Time): 10:00 hrs on Sunday, December 24th, 2023.
  • India (Indian Standard Time): 20:30 hrs on Sunday, December 24th, 2023.
  • Australia (Australian Standard Time): 02:00 hrs on Monday, December 25th, 2023
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One Piece Chapter 1102 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1102 will again get into Kuma’s past, spanning the Thriller Bark, Sabaody, Summit War, and other arcs.


In a flashback, Kuma expresses a belief that Luffy will be the one to save the world, followed by a moment where he sends some straw hats flying.

Currently, on Egghead Island, Vegapunk is preparing to remove Kuma’s personality, and surprisingly, Kuma is accepting of this process. Kuma’s consciousness and memories now reside in the paw-paw bubbles at Egghead Island.


Rather than relying on others to deliver messages, Kuma, in a touching gesture, gave his final letter to Bonney through Vegapunk, extending birthday wishes for her tenth birthday.

As the chapter concludes, we witness Bonney tearfully reflecting on Kuma’s memories, bringing closure to his extended flashback over five chapters!


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