One Piece 1084 Release Date & Spoilers

One Piece 1084 Release Date & Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1084’s official release date is May 21, 2023. Although the usual spoiler summary is expected to emerge in a few hours, early leaks have already circulated. According to these leaks, the upcoming chapter will continue delving into Sabo’s flashback, focusing on the tumultuous events of the recent Reverie.

Sabo’s narrative picks up from where the previous chapter left off, with Nefertari Cobra, the king of Arabasta, preparing to engage in a private meeting with the Five Elders. As avid fans know, Cobra’s fate at the Reverie is tragic, and Sabo will find himself framed for the king’s untimely demise.


Based on the spoilers, One Piece Chapter 1084 will provide some insights into the circumstances surrounding Cobra’s death. Additionally, the enigmatic and highly mysterious character Im will finally appear, leading to further astonishing revelations and developments within the series.

This article contains major spoilers from the One Piece manga up to Chapter 1084.


One Piece 1084 Spoilers

In the previous chapter of One Piece, an important meeting took place between Cobra, a prominent ruler in the series, and the Five Elders. Cobra, who belongs to the Nefertari Family and is a descendant of the 20 Kings, is considered a traitor by the World Nobles. Moreover, he possesses a Poneglyph that reveals the location of Pluton. The upcoming chapter will likely explore whether there are additional reasons for the World Government officials to target Cobra and how Sabo may be framed for his untimely demise.

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Another storyline in the chapter revolves around Sabo’s mission to rescue Bartholomew Kuma from the clutches of the Celestial Dragons. If Sabo succeeds in his endeavor, he may coincidentally encounter the meeting between the Five Elders and Cobra, allowing the World Government to incriminate him. However, it’s possible that Kuma’s powers could aid Sabo, and the rest of the Revolutionary Army Commanders may come to his aid. The chapter might shed light on Sabo’s involvement in Cobra’s assassination and his fateful encounter with Imu.

Furthermore, Princess Vivi mysteriously disappeared during the Reverie, with Rob Lucci seen protecting her. It remains unclear whether Lucci has ulterior motives or if he was instructed to assassinate the princess. However, Vivi was likely saved by Pell and Chaka, who were assigned to watch over her. The chapter may reveal the events that led Vivi to end up with Big News Morgans and Wapol.


These are some of the predictions that fans can anticipate in One Piece Chapter 1084. However, we must await the chapter’s release to confirm the developments. Additional spoilers will be shared as soon as they become available. Fans can also stay updated by following raw scans, which typically emerge one to two days before the official release of a manga chapter.

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One Piece 1084 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1084 Will be Released On Monday, May 22nd; For Japanese readers. However, the new manga chapter will be available a day earlier, on Sunday, May 21st, for fans outside Japan.

Readers can access the latest chapter online through Manga Plus and Viz Media. These platforms provide a convenient way for fans to stay up-to-date with the series and immerse themselves in the world of One Piece.

Please note that the release times may vary depending on different time zones.


Time Zones For The Official Release Of One Piece Chapter 1084

Time ZoneTime
Pacific Time8:00 AM
Eastern Time11:00 AM
British Time4:00 PM
European Time5:00 PM
India Time8:30 PM
Philippine Time11:00 PM
Australia Eastern Standard Time1:00 AM



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