Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date & Spoilers

Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date & Spoilers

Lookism Chapter 468 is eagerly anticipated by fans of this captivating manga series created by Park Tae Jun. The story masterfully combines Action, Comedy, School Life, and Supernatural elements to create an intriguing narrative.

At the heart of the story is Daniel, an unassuming loner who undergoes a remarkable transformation. One fateful day, he awakens in a completely different body—tall and strikingly handsome and exudes a newfound charisma. This dramatic change opens doors to dreams and aspirations that were once beyond his reach.


As Daniel grapples with maintaining his altered identity and delves into the enigmatic aspects of his transformation, readers are taken on an exhilarating and suspenseful journey.

Stay tuned for the release of Lookism Chapter 468, and let’s explore when it will become available, along with the release schedule and where you can read it.


What Happened in Lookism Chapter 467

Lookism Chapter 467, titled “Peak,” continues the intense showdown between Daniel Park and UI Daniel, carrying on from where Chapter 466 left off.

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In this chapter, UI Daniel is a formidable opponent, displaying far greater strength than Daniel. Despite being repeatedly knocked down, Daniel refuses to surrender. His unwavering determination catches the attention of UI Daniel, who decides to offer him a chance. UI Daniel proposes a rematch, with the condition that he will limit himself to using only 10% of his power.


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Daniel readily accepts the challenge, and the two again engage in combat. While Daniel remains outmatched by UI Daniel, he manages to put up a more impressive fight this time. Although Daniel ultimately faces defeat once again, he remains undeterred. He recognizes his growth in strength and remains committed to continuing the fight until he can overcome UI Daniel.


Chapter 467 holds significant importance in the Lookism manga. It introduces a new rivalry between Daniel and UI Daniel, with UI Daniel standing out as the most formidable character in the series to date. The chapter also underscores Daniel’s remarkable determination and resilience, traits that make him a relatable and inspirational character.

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Overall, Chapter 467 sets the stage for an epic battle between Daniel and UI Daniel, promising further thrilling developments in the story.

Lookism Chapter 468 Release Date & Time

Lookism Chapter 468 is scheduled for release on September 29, 2023. Here are the release timings for different regions:

  • Indian Standard Time (IST): at 08:30 PM on Friday, September 29, 2023
  • Central European Time (CEST): at 05:00 PM on Friday, September 29, 2023
  • New York: at 11:00 AM on Friday, September 29, 2023
  • Pacific Time (PST): at 08:00 AM on Friday, September 29, 2023
  • Japanese Standard Time (JST): at midnight on Saturday, September 30, 2023
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACST): at 01:00 AM on Saturday, September 30, 2023
  • Eastern Indonesian Time (EIST): at 10:00 AM on Saturday, September 30, 2023
  • Korean Standard Time (KST): at midnight on Saturday, September 30, 2023

Where to Read Lookism Chapter 468?

You can read Lookism Chapter 466 on the official website of Lookism, Naver Webtoon. You can also read it on the Webtoons app or the website Mangadex.

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