Kingdom Chapter 766: Release Date & Spoiler

Kingdom Chapter 766: Release Date & Spoiler

In the recent development in Kingdom’s Chapter 765, Ri and his companions are hit with a shocking revelation: Kan has passed away. This news arrives through an informant who Ri has interacted with previously. Doubts circle Ri’s mind as he questions the credibility of the information. However, he decides to verify it firsthand by visiting the palace. Unfortunately, his visit confirms the truth – Kan’s demise.

This loss weighs heavily on Ri, evoking both sadness and anger. Kan was his closest friend, and the fact that such a tragedy occurred profoundly affected him. Seeking answers and closure, Ri turns to Youka to glean insights into the circumstances surrounding Kan’s death. Suspicion lingers in Ri’s thoughts, leading him to entertain the possibility that Youka might have played a role.


As Ri converses with Youka, the details shared seem incredulous, leaving him grappling with a mixture of emotions and perplexing thoughts. The chapter paints a poignant picture of grief and uncertainty, hinting at further complexities yet unveiled.

What Happened in Kingdom Chapter 765

Kingdom Chapter 765, titled “Battle of Shadows,” debuted on July 13, 2023. This installment dives into the aftermath of Kan Pishi’s tragic demise and reveals that Youka was a spy working for Zhao.

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The chapter initiates with a gripping account from Youka about his involvement in Kan Pishi’s death. He discloses that he was privy to Kan Pishi’s dual allegiance to Qin and had secretly shared intelligence with Riboku of Zhao for six years. Youka admits to eliminating other Qin spies who operated in Han and Wei.

The news of Youka’s admissions sends astonishment through the Qin encampment. Shin, grappling with the sting of betrayal from someone he considered trustworthy, seethes with anger. Meanwhile, Sei, the King of Qin, is profoundly troubled by the revelation that Riboku had been so well-informed about Qin’s strategic moves.

The chapter’s culmination centers on Youka’s apprehension. Confronted by Shin and Sei, Youka faces rigorous questioning about his motives. He professes allegiance solely to himself and denies any intentional harm toward Qin. Yet, his declarations are met with skepticism, leaving his true intentions shrouded in uncertainty.


This revelation of Youka’s espionage profoundly reshapes the narrative’s trajectory. It casts an ominous cloud over the loyalty of Qin’s ranks and raises uncertainties about Riboku’s underlying intentions. The chapter’s conclusion leaves readers anxious, signifying that the conflict is far from resolution.

Key insights from Kingdom Chapter 765:

  • Youka’s role as a spy for Zhao is exposed.
  • He maintained clandestine communication with Riboku for six years.
  • Youka acknowledges his role in Kan Pishi’s demise and other Qin spies’ deaths.
  • The revelation causes shockwaves within the Qin camp.
  • Shin grapples with a sense of betrayal, while Sei is deeply perturbed.
  • Youka is captured and interrogated by Shin and Sei.
  • Youka asserts self-loyalty, denying intentional harm to Qin.
  • The chapter concludes with a lingering sense of unease.
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What To Expect From Kingdom Chapter 766

Given the unfolding events in the previous chapter, we can make some informed speculations regarding what’s to come.

Shin and Sei will likely delve deeper into questioning Youka about his motives. They will focus on understanding the reasons behind his betrayal of Qin and uncovering potential collaborators in his scheme.

The Qin army will require strategic adjustments in response to Youka’s betrayal. Enhanced security measures will be crucial to prevent further breaches, and a heightened sense of caution will be paramount in deciding whom to trust.


The news of Youka’s treachery will undoubtedly be received as a boon by Riboku. This revelation bestows him with an amplified comprehension of Qin’s strategies, effectively providing him a tactical upper hand.

Expect the conflict between the Qin and Zhao forces to escalate significantly in the upcoming chapters. With the stakes at an all-time high, both sides will be relentlessly pursuing any edge they can seize.

Anticipated elements in Kingdom Chapter 766:

  • A potential flashback that unveils the origins of Youka’s alignment with Zhao, shedding light on his espionage journey.
  • Further insights into Youka’s intricate web of informants and accomplices.
    Exploration of the repercussions of Youka’s betrayal within the Qin army’s structure and morale.
  • Revelation of Riboku’s strategic blueprint for the impending phases of the conflict.
    Anticipation for a momentous clash between the formidable forces of Qin and Zhao.
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Kingdom Chapter 766, Release Date & Time

Kingdom Chapter 766 will be released on August 13, 2023. You can expect the release on the following dates and times according to the different time zones mentioned below:

  • Japan Standard Time, JST: Midnight August 13, 2023
  • India Standard Time, IST: 8:30 pm on 12 Aug 2023
  • Central European Time, CET: 04:00 PM on August 13, 2023
  • USA, New York: 10:00 am on August 13, 2023
  • Australian Capital Territory, ACT: 01:30 am on 13 August 2023
  • Indonesia Eastern Time, EIT: Midnight August 13, 2023
  • Singapore Standard Time, SST: 11:00 pm on 12 August 2023
  • Pacific Time, PT: 07:00 am on August 12, 2023
  • Eastern European Time, EET: 05:00 pm August 13, 2023
  • Philippines Standard Time, PST: 11:00pm Aug 12, 2023
  • Korea Standard Time, KST: Midnight August 13, 2023

Where to read Kingdom Chapter 766

Like Kingdom, the manga will be released on August 13, 2023. You can follow its release on the official release platform, Young Jump.

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