Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1432 Release Date & Spoiler


Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1432 will dive into Ryo’s past, revealing more about his history and how he handles challenges. The manga has been focusing on Ryo’s journey in recent chapters, which will continue. Ryo will be the main character in this season and will play a vital role in Ippo’s comeback.

Ippo has been away from boxing for about three years, taking on supporting roles. He’s not the kind of person who fights just for the sake of it; violence isn’t his thing. He started boxing to release his frustrations and later realized he had talent.


This classic story has come a long way, now the longest-running series in the shounen genre. But Ippo won’t be away from the action forever; he’ll eventually step back into the ring. The story makes it clear, and considering recent events in the chapters and the cover art of the latest episode, the wait won’t be too long.

What Happened In Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1431

Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1431, titled “The Grim Reaper’s Dream,” came out on August 9, 2023. This chapter is all about Ryō Mashiba’s past and why he became a boxer.

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The story starts with a look back at Mashiba’s childhood. He was small and not very strong, often getting picked on by other kids. Then, one day, he was being bullied by older boys, but a boxer named Takeshi Sendō stepped in to help him. Sendō taught Mashiba how to fight and gave him the courage to stand up for himself.

Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1431

Mashiba’s biggest goal is to become a world champion and to avenge his father’s death. His dad was also a boxer but died in the ring after taking a brutal hit from another boxer. Mashiba believes that becoming a champion can bring honor back to his family and make up for his father’s tragic end.


The chapter ends with Mashiba preparing to face his opponent in an important match. He’s determined to win and make things right for his father’s memory.

Some important things to remember from Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1431 are:

  • Ryō Mashiba is a character with a lot of depth. He’s had a tough past, but he’s driven by a strong desire to succeed.
  • Mashiba’s dream of becoming a champion and avenging his father’s death pushes him to train hard and give his all in fights.
  • Mashiba’s upcoming match won’t be easy, but he’s focused on winning and achieving his dream.
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Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1432 Spoiler

In Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1432, Ryo will need a training partner to help him work on his reflexes. This is important because his opponent is quite different from anyone he has fought before. Additionally, Ryo has struggled in the past when dealing with quick opponents who can move around a lot.

It’s worth mentioning that Ippo would be the ideal sparring partner for Ryo, given his skills that could assist the experienced boxer. However, Ippo is enjoying his time with Kumi and won’t be available for training. So, we’ll get to see Ryo practicing with another member of the cast.

Release Date of Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1432?

Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1432 will be out for the following regions on August 15, 2023.

  • Pacific Daylight Time [West Coast]: 8:00 AM PDT (August 15, 2023)
  • Central Daylight Time [Central American and Canada]: 9:00 AM CDT (August 15, 2023)
  • Eastern Daylight Time [East Coast]: 10:00 AM EDT (August 15, 2023)
  • Greenwich Mediterranean Time [Britain]: 5:00 pm BST (August 15, 2023)
  • India Standard Time [India]: 8:30 pm IST (August 15, 2023)
  • Singapore Standard Time [Singapore]: 11:00 PM SGT (August 15, 2023)
  • Philippines Standard Time [Philippines]: 11:00 PM PST (August 15, 2023)
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It will be available to read on August 17, 2023, for these regions.

  • Korea Standard Time [Korea]: 12:00 AM KST (August 16, 2023)
  • Japan Standard Time [Korea]: 12:00 AM JST (August 16, 2023)
  • Eastern Australian Daylight Time [Australia]: 02:00 AM AEDT (August 16, 2023)

Where to read Hajime no Ippo chapter 1432?

Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1432 will be available to read on Pocket.

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