Dragon Ball Super Movie New Characters

Dragon-Ball-Super-Broly-Movie characters

Prior, character outlines for Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan, and Piccolo were uncovered. This is by all accounts the uncovering of the most outstanding Z warriors in the film. Presently, it’s the turn of the most outstanding enemy in the arrangement to uncover what he’ll look like in the motion picture. According to YonkouProd examines, Frieza’s character configuration is out, and as indicated by its depiction, it appears like he will plot something once more. dragon ball super movie 2018


Dragon Ball Super New characters

Mythical Dragon Ball Super Characters: Frieza, similar to alternate characters, looks slick and sharp with Shintani’s plan. There is no Golden Frieza in the sweeps, however, I trust that he will have this frame in the film. The following characters are accepted to be in Frieza’s group in light of the simple recognizable protective layer and scouter.

Dragon Ball Super Movie Characters


The main lady in the gathering this time. She utilizes one firearm as a weapon and is more valiant than anybody in the gathering. She’s the one in the center.



Lemo Dragon Ball Movie character
He is a male with a similar scouter and firearm like Chirai. He and Chirai are companions.



Kikono is wearing battle garments that were never observed. He additionally doesn’t wear any Scouters. Kikono’s battle quality is by all accounts so low.

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New Characters, New Planet?! Dragon Ball Super Movie Timeline Revealed! :

We have some new fresh updates from the official Dragon Ball Super Twitter and their official site. As the first in a new series of interviews about the movie from a new series titled “Dragon Ball Movie: Front Line,” which will feature new info and staff interviews on the film’s official website (thanks to translations provided by Twitter user @Herms98).



Dragon Room chief Akio Iyoku dished more about what fans can expect from the Dragon Ball Super movie’s story. According to Iyoku, the Dragon Ball Super movie will have a “multilayered” story with “parts set in both the past and present” with multiple settings. Multi-layered has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? I’m pretty excited about it now!

As for what Toriyama provided for the film, he created the film’s story, 20 sheets of character and machine designs, and “at least” one new planet. “At least” is very vague but now we know that we’re going to get a new planet from the past most probably. I think that’s the icy tundra region we were shown in the trailer.


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