Dragon Ball Super 66 Manga, First Images and Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super

The First Leaked Images of the Dragon Ball Super 66 Manga Arrive. The Fight Continues Against a Moro Who Overflows With Power. Son Goku and company keep fighting Moro. After showing the first drafts of Toyotaro from the Dragon Ball Super 66 manga , the first images arrive. And these contain part of the combat between Son Goku and Moro.


This new chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super surprises. Nobody expected what happens in the images after seeing the first drafts. There were people who spoke of a strong reference to the Perfect Cell saga, but once again Toyotaro and Master Akira Toriyama surprise us with something new.

Be careful, because a giant Ultra Instinct Goku appears who fights Moro. I still can’t confirm it, since I don’t know Japanese, and I haven’t seen the translated pages, but this giant Son Goku is still due to Vegeta and the power he has thanks to his training in Yardrat. Or it may also be because Goku masters Ultra Instinct and already does what he wants.


The leaked pages contain little or no dialogue, so I can only guess what is going on. It’s funny, but if you look at the first cartoon, Moro has Goku trapped in his hands.

Dragon Ball Super 66 Manga Dragon Ball Super 66 Manga



The manga Dragon Ball Super 66 will be among us on Friday. You can read it on Manga Plus officially.

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