Boruto Chapter 51 leaks confirms serious injury to Boruto

Boruto Chapter 51

Boruto’s chapter 51 of Naruto Next Generations will undoubtedly be one of the tensest moments fans of the work have ever gone through. With the recent leaks from the manga pages, we can learn more about what will happen.

In today’s post, we will talk about a severe injury that Boruto will suffer.


Boruto Chapter 51 Spoilers

Although the entire chapter has not yet leaked, we know some crucial points in the story. The first is that Sasuke will only be beaten in the episode. Boruto, not Naruto initially, will try to save him.

In the previous chapter, Naruto was hit by one of those giant Isshiki blocks and will probably be disabled for a while. It is also good to remember that Boruto realizes that Isshiki cannot kill him.


This event is undoubtedly before Naruto intervenes with his new transformation.

Boruto Chapter 51 Release Date

Chapter 51 of Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations will be released on October 20th.


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the immediate continuation of Naruto Shippuden, both in the anime and in the manga.

In this new story, be that as it may, we go with Boruto, the child of Naruto. Along with their colleagues from Team 7, they live new experiences and connect with old and new characters from the establishment.


Boruto’s chapter 51, where to read.

The official English-translated copy has a digital release available for free through Manga Plus and Viz’s Shonen Jump.

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