Blue Lock Chapter 227 Release Date & Spoiler

Blue Lock Chapter 227 Release Date & Spoiler

In the last chapter, Isagi returns to defend as the Ubers continue their game. He quickly starts tracking because he needs to strengthen his defenses. While doing so, he reflects on his failed final attack, but as a striker, he knows that only goals matter. If you’re a fan of Blue Lock manga and looking forward to Chapter 227, we’ll give you a sneak peek here.

What Happened in Blue Lock Chapter 226 Manga

In Blue Lock Chapter 226, titled “Letter of Resignation,” Shoei Barou surprises everyone by announcing that he is retiring from the match. He didn’t want to play by Snuffy’s rules anymore and wanted the freedom to do things his way.


His decision shocked his teammates, who tried to convince him to stay, but Barou remained firm and left the field.

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Blue Lock Chapter 226


Afterward, Isagi thought about Barou’s determination. He realized Barou was a proper egoistic striker who would do whatever it took to win. Isagi also understood that he needed to adopt some of Barou’s mindset to become the best striker in the world.

Key takeaways from Blue Lock Chapter 226:

  • Barou is a determined striker who will go to great lengths to win.
  • Snuffy is a wise coach who can adapt to his players’ strengths.
  • The rivalry between Barou and Isagi is intensifying, and it’s exciting to see who will come out on top.

Blue Lock Chapter 227 Spoiler

In Blue Lock Chapter 227, titled “Scales to the Future,” Shoei Barou decides to break away from Snuffy’s tactics and go his own way. He reveals that he planned to do this to get closer to Isagi. Barou launches his attack on Bastard Munchen, passing the ball to Oliver Aiku and Ikki Niko, creating a dangerous scoring opportunity that Kaiser stops.

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After the play, Snuffy approaches Barou and asks why he did it. Barou admits he wanted to destroy Snuffy’s team and surpass Isagi. Initially surprised, Snuffy respects Barou’s decision, telling him he won’t forget his name and will keep an eye on him.

The chapter ends with Barou looking determined to win the match and prove himself to Isagi.


Additional details from the chapter:

  • Barou is a true egoistic striker, willing to do whatever it takes to win.
  • Snuffy is a wise coach, adapting to his players’ strengths.
  • The rivalry between Barou and Isagi is heating up, making the competition intense and exciting.

Blue Lock Chapter 227 Release Date and Time

Blue Lock Chapter 227 will be released in Japan on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST. This is the official release date and time for the chapter.

Here is a table of the release dates and times for Blue Lock Chapter 227 in different time zones:

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Time ZoneRelease DateRelease Time
Japan Standard Time (JST)Wednesday, August 2, 202312:00 AM
Pacific Standard Time (PST)Tuesday, July 31, 20238:00 AM
Central Standard Time (CST)Tuesday, July 31, 202310:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time (EST)Tuesday, July 31, 202311:00 AM
India Standard Time (IST)Wednesday, August 1, 20231:30 PM
Central European Time (CET)Wednesday, August 1, 20235:00 PM
Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)Wednesday, August 1, 202311:00 PM

Where to Read Blue Lock Chapter 227

You can Read Blue Lock Chapter 227 in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine and the Manga Plus app.

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