Blue Lock Chapter 218 The “Game Changer” Raw scan is out

Blue Lock Chapter 218 The Game Changer Raw scan is out

Surprisingly, Niko also can use Metavision, much like Isagi. However, he remains unaware until Isagi enlightens him about it. It is no shock that Niko possesses Metavision, considering he was the first player in the blue key to trigger Isagi’s selfish play.

In this chapter, the primary focus lies on Isagi’s usual situation analysis. Before scoring a remarkable goal, Isagi consistently engages in this process. This implies that we are about to witness a fresh style of play from Isagi as he leverages his Metavision to outmaneuver his opponents.


It won’t be long before we witness either Isagi or Kaiser scoring, but in the world of Blue Lock, anything can happen, and predicting the outcome is impossible. Let’s now delve into a complete preview of Blue Lock Chapter 218.

Blue Lock Chap 218

Amid the game, as Isagi receives the ball from Kaiser and Ness, Niko suddenly intervenes by kicking the ball out of bounds, leaving Isagi intrigued. Curious, Isagi questions Niko about his use of Metavision, but it becomes apparent that Niko is unaware of this ability. Isagi proceeds to explain Metavision to him, describing how it enables one to perceive the entire field through peripheral vision and track the movements of others, ultimately leading to the target.


Niko reveals that he relies solely on tracking movements with his eyes, allowing him to anticipate the ball’s trajectory and disregard the team’s strategy in favor of a more self-centered approach. Isagi finds it peculiar that Niko possesses such visual prowess without realizing it. Meanwhile, Aiku commends Niko’s play despite not being fond of Niko’s defensive position change, urging him to move on to his next position.

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Raichi approaches Isagi, expressing his admiration but in his unique manner, stating that it would be fantastic if Isagi retained possession of the ball. Isagi takes the opportunity to inquire whether Raichi understood his movements during the previous play. Raichi confirms that he was in the right position when Kaiser and Ness lost the ball.

Their interaction catches the attention of Kurona and Yukimiya, who approach to ensure no conflict between them. Isagi then challenges both of them to guess his next move. Kurona replies with the familiar response of Isagi’s usual play.


Observing their reactions, Isagi concludes that Metavision is not a skill everyone possesses. He believes that Kaiser, Niko, and perhaps Lorenzo can perceive the entire field. He speculates that Barou’s eye is a capability that can only be utilized in one-on-one battles with goalkeepers. In contrast, his Predator’s eyes are effective solely against the keeper and not throughout the match. Lost in thought, Isagi overlooks Raichi and Yukimiya, trying to get his attention as the match is about to resume.

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Isagi contemplates the distinct playing styles of both teams, with Ubers meticulously strategizing each move and Bastard Munchen devouring every opportunity. Recognizing that opponents are adapting to his style of play, Isagi wonders what he can do to impact the game. The next goal will determine the winner, and the player who can read and respond to every situation becomes the Game Changer.

Meanwhile, Kaiser and Ness engage in a brief conversation. Frustrated, Ness expresses his anger toward Lorenzo for repeatedly halting their progress, allowing Isagi to take advantage. Kaiser advises Ness to remain.

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