Black Clover Chapter 370 Release Date & Spoilers, Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 370 Release Date & Spoilers, Raw Scans
Asta (Image via Shueisha)

It’s been ages since we got that last chapter of Black Clover in Jump GIGA magazine. Chapter 369 had Asta and Yuno finally teaming up against Lucius while Luck and Magna busted out cool new anti-magic moves!


I’m seriously itching to see chapter 370 and what goes down next against evil Lucius – the action was heating up! I haven’t seen official release dates yet, though.

Gotta believe the magazine’s publishing schedule gives us clues on when to expect the next chapter. Last we saw, Magna’s badass Soul Chain move let him and Luck drain Lucius’ mana for the win with their combo spell. So you know Lucius ain’t going down that easy!

The wait between Black Clover chapters can be rough…but figuring out when the next one drops based on schedules getting posted can give us fanboys a hint on when more sweet Yuno and Asta tag-team moments are coming!


I hope chapter 370 gets leaked early before it likely arrives in the next Jump GIGA issue. These Black Bulls sure know how to leave fans hanging in suspense! Come on, Yuki Tabata quit holding out on us!

Black Clover Chapter 370 Release Date

Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover manga has moved from its usual Weekly Shonen Jump publication to the quarterly Jump GIGA magazine. Following the release of the latest chapter in the Jump GIGA Winter 2024 edition, fans can anticipate the arrival of Black Clover chapter 370 in the Jump GIGA Spring 2024 magazine.

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Analyzing the historical release patterns of the magazine’s Spring issue in previous years, it is reasonable to infer that the Jump GIGA Spring 2024 magazine will likely hit the stands on Monday, April 29, 2024. Consequently, enthusiasts can anticipate the release of Black Clover Chapter 370 on the same date.

However, for the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is advisable to await an official announcement through channels such as the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Shueisha’s official social media platforms, or both. Keeping an eye out for any official announcements will ensure fans stay well-informed about the release schedule for this highly anticipated chapter.


What Happened in Black Clover Chapter 369

Black Clover chapter 369 – “A United Front,” gave us sweet tag-team action, with Asta and Yuno finally joining forces against Lucius! But, of course, it wasn’t gonna be that easy. The dude spawned a whole squad of twelve freakin’ Lucius clones! It’s a nasty four versus two handicap match.

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We also got a nice flashback of the Black Bulls meeting Yami’s sister, Ichika. Wild, she’s got the same kinda magic! Also, the Magic Knights figured out how to wield a weaker version of Pseudo Anti-Magic. It’s only enough for a couple of big attacks before it’s kaput.

Black Clover Chapter 369

So check it. Luck and Magna kick things off by targeting one Lucius copy. Magna traps him and an angel dude in a 2 versus 2 Soul Chain Deathmatch illusion, which lets my boys dish out enough repeated beatdowns on Lucius through combo moves to chip away at his mana. Until finally – KABLAM! They waste him and the angel together with one last combined spell!


Lucius might be down but not out, though! There is no way just two Black Bulls could eliminate all twelve freaky, powerful clones that quickly. Gonna take way more teamwork – and Asta is going ballistic, wielding his own Anti-Magic!

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