Black Clover Chapter 367 Raw Scans: Asta’s Game-Changing Anti-Magic Upgrade and the Selection of a New Witch Queen!

Black Clover Chapter 367 Raw Scans

In Black Clover chapter 367, fans saw Paladin Damnatio Kira getting defeated and falling unconscious. The situation looked dire for the Black Bulls, but the Witch Queen made a significant sacrifice to heal them. Additionally, Asta shared some of his power with them.

In the previous chapter, Ryuya and Yosuga convinced Ichika to join Asta and travel to the Clover Kingdom so she could see Yami. Once they arrived, Asta swiftly defeated Damnatio, using his katana to slash him.


The Witch Queen makes a huge sacrifice to save The Black Bulls.

In the upcoming chapter of Black Clover titled “Black Bonds,” we see the aftermath of Damnatio’s defeat by Asta. After changing into his true self, Damnatio falls unconscious, just like Sister Lily. Asta promises to wake him up and rushes to the Black Bulls.

The Witch Queen comes to their rescue and heals everyone, including Grey and Gauche. However, in doing so, she exhausts almost all her powers and ages significantly. As a result, she asks Vanessa to become the new Witch Queen, but Dorothy Unsworth unexpectedly intervenes and takes the offer herself, finding it more amusing.


The Witch Queen then asks Asta if he can do something to help his squadmates recover. This leads to a flashback of Hino Country, where Ryudo Ryuya theorizes that Asta might be able to share his Anti-Magic powers with others. Asta recalls a time when he absorbed Noelle’s spell in the Dungeon.


Ryuya believes that Asta has improved his control over Anti-Magic through his training. He suggests Asta try sharing his powers with others, emphasizing that it depends on their chemistry and time spent together.

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In the present, Asta uses his Demon-Dweller sword to share his powers with the Black Bulls. With everyone energized, they unite to face the challenges ahead and save the world.


In Black Clover chapter 367, spoilers show Asta sharing his Anti-Magic powers with his fellow Black Bulls. This leads to a change in each Magic Knight’s mana nature. However, fans must wait to see how this new development unfolds. Unfortunately, the Black Clover manga will be on break next week, so there won’t be a new chapter until next week.

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