Black Clover Chapter 365 Release Date & Spoiler


The anticipation among fans for Black Clover Chapter 365 is palpable as they eagerly await the next installment of the manga. However, there is also a sense of worry about what lies ahead, especially with the imminent danger faced by the Black Bulls. In the latest chapter, Nacht has emphasized that bringing Asta back is their only hope of stopping Lucius and preventing a devastating loss for humanity. This realization has compelled the Black Bulls to go to great lengths to retrieve Asta, even if it means sacrificing their own lives.

The stakes have never been higher as Damnation Paladin now possesses power surpassing a supreme demon’s. For the Black Bulls, it’s a do-or-die situation. The fact that they can even contend with someone of Lucifero’s caliber or withstand a few of his attacks is an impressive feat, considering the Supreme Demon’s elevated status. Vanessa and Finral express their determination to hold on just a little longer until Asta’s return, even though they face defeat.


The resilience of Gray and Gauche emerges as pivotal factors in the Black Bulls’ continued fight against Damnatio. Gray’s magic, which keeps the team’s bodies intact, and Gauche’s ability to create clones explicitly assigned to aid the Black Bulls have been crucial in their battle against Damnatio. However, as the situation intensifies, any misstep from Gray or Gauche could prove disastrous for the Black Bulls.

What Happened Black Clover Chapter 364

In Black Clover, Chapter 364, the intense battle between the Black Bulls and Damnatio Kira. The chapter begins with a flashback, where Nacht speculates that Asta’s aggression makes him a stark contrast to Lucius, suggesting that Asta must respond with equal determination.

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The fight commences with the Black Bulls launching a relentless assault on Damnatio, who lectures about the significance of a scale and a sword in bringing order. It becomes apparent to Damnatio that Grey’s healing magic and Gauche’s multiplying magic play vital roles in the Black Bulls’ attack strategy. He singles them out as the key players.

Black Clover Chapter 364 will be free to read on Viz Media and Manga Plus after the release of this Chapter for several weeks until the release of the next three Chapters.

Magna desperately calls out to Grey while Vanessa juggles her duties with the Door of Destiny spell. Unfortunately, she is unable to save Grey due to her other responsibilities. Damnatio proclaims the battle to be over, leaving Asta pleading with Ryudo Ryuya for answers. However, the Black Bulls rise to their feet, their determination evident as they whisper, “Not yet.” The chapter concludes with Secre Swallowtail activating her Sealing Magic, leaving fans on a cliffhanger.


Black Clover Chapter 365 Spoiler

In Black Clover Chapter 365, fans can look forward to several exciting developments:

  • Secre Swallowtail will utilize her formidable Sealing Magic to halt Damnatio Kira’s rampage.
  • Despite their injuries, the resilient Black Bulls will persevere in their fight against Damnatio.
  • The fate of Grey and Gauche, who fell victim to Damnatio’s assault, may be revealed.
  • Readers may gain further insights into the enigmatic Lucius Zogratis and his grand schemes.
  • Anticipation builds for Asta’s long-awaited return to the story, potentially showcasing his heightened powers.
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As with previous chapters, there is a possibility of an enticing cliffhanger that leaves fans eagerly speculating about the following events.


While specific details have been hinted at in spoilers, it’s important to remember that surprises often arise in each chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 365 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 365 will be featured in the 33rd issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, scheduled to be released on Monday, July 17, 2023, at midnight Japan Standard Time. For fans around the world, here are the corresponding release times in different time zones:

  • US & Canada (Pacific Time): 7:00 a.m. Sunday, July 16, 2023.
  • Mexico (Central Time): 09:00 Sunday, July 16, 2023.
  • US & Canada (Eastern Time): 10:00 Sunday, July 16, 2023.
  • India (India Standard Time): 20:30 Sunday, July 16, 2023.
  • Australia (Australia Standard Time): 02:00 on Monday, 17 July 2023.

Where to read Black Clover Chapter 365?

Black Clover Chapter 364 will be free to read on Viz Media and Manga Plus after the release of this Chapter for several weeks until the release of the next three Chapters.

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