14 Best Websites to Read One Punch Man Webcomic

One Punch Man Webcomic

The One Punch Man webcomic began as a simple, comedic story back in 2009. Today, its anime adaptation is one of the most popular anime in the world. If you’ve never read this manga before and you want to get started soon then there are eleven sites that will allow you to Read One Punch Man Webcomic.

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What is the difference between One Punch Man manga and webcomic version?

The manga is simply a very detailed redrawing of the webcomic, with the occasional extra chapter drawn in. I recommend the manga first, but the more crude style of the original doesn’t detract from the story.  —Reddit

Best Websites to Read One Punch Man Webcomic




Viz mangaViz is the official Manga Provider, and one of the best platforms to read one punch man webcomic. If you are looking for error-free content without any ads in between. This site is best and since it official you will be also supporting the Creators. This Platform also provides manga of Popular anime like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto Shippūden, One Piece, and other animes in DVD format which you can buy it from their site. Only some of the things are free on this site. Else you have to pay for each anime manga to read.


comixologyComixology is a subsidiary of Amazon, and its target is to be the largest digital comics platform. Here you can buy their subscription service which includes an unlimited plan. If you are not sure about this service you can also try their 30 days free trial before buying their subscription service.

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Manganelo.com is one of the best sites to read One Punch Man manga, and this is because the site displays all the pages of each chapter on a single web page. So there’s no need to click on the “next” button. All you need to do is to slowly scroll down as you read each page in the chapter.

4.Manga Town



Mangatown.com is a polished site with plenty of mangas on offer, including One Punch Man webcomic. The interface is simple, phone-friendly, and easy to use, and they tend to have access to mangas that are not available on other platforms.


Watchopm is a free site for perusing manga online without enrollment. Other accessible mangas beside One Punch Man are Boruto, Shingeki no Kyojin, The Promised Neverland, and Black Clover.


MangaLife is a free site for reading manga online without an account. For quick access, mangas are ordered to status on the off chance that it is on-going or finished. Along with genres like adventure, thriller, and horror.


Mangareader is a free site for perusing manga online without any account registration. For quicker access, mangas are classified into sorts, for example, manhwa, and manga or finished or types like activity, experience, and dream. This site also has a manga reader app for android available at play store.



Readopm is a free dedicated manga site for Onn Punch Man on the web. There are no different mangas on the site however it offers different sites where you can read other manga.


Manga Panda additionally includes relatively every sort of manga from a wide range of the class. Best of all, it underpins the NSFW classification which isn’t bolstered by other comparable stages. The website will not display the category until you search for it. it enables you to download and read later.

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Kissmanga is a free website for reading manga online without any account registration. The site has simply categorized navigation for genres like action, adventure, and fantasy.




Jaiminisbox Manga is a standout amongst other online sites where you can read the manga for free. The interface of the site is simple and easy to operate. This site has almost all episodes of one punch man along with the other mangas.



MangaBox is a local Japanese manga website where you can get many mangas for free. They Support multiple languages which include Japanese. Also, have a dedicated app for android and IOS. As these are local as well as free you may not get one punch man manga but other similar manga are available.


ComicWalker is one of biggest Manga publishers in Japan. You will find most of the popular mangas on your site but may not get all. You can also search via currently popular genres and Attention word.ComicWalker also provides black & white manga into a colored one. Their site is completely responsive and can be used on any device.

14.Manga Rock

This site is no longer active, but give alternate sources where you can read the manga.Mangarock.com is another good site for reading One Punch Man webcomic. Its user interface is relatively simple, but what makes this site great is that it manages to release a new chapter ahead of other sites, which is good news for die-hard One Punch Man fans.


  • Is one punch man coming back?

Yes, One Punch Man is returning for a second season in April 2019, as indicated by an official declaration made Sunday morning. J.C. Staff, the organization behind tossing Saitama into the universe of anime, held an uncommon occasion committed to the almighty hero.

  • Where can I watch the One Punch Man “Road to Hero”?

There are various anime sites that allow doing so either free & paid. You can check out on Crunchyroll & Netflix to watch One Punch Man Road to Hero or One Punch Man Season 2.

These are some of the best one punch man manga sites I could get with the free and paid option. Do support the creators by reading it from official sources, if you have any other suggestions let me know in the comment section 🙂

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