Berserk Chapter 376 Release Date & Where to Read

Berserk Chapter 376 Release Date & Where to Read

“Berserk is a Japanese manga series written by Kentaro Miura, unfolding in a dark fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe. The tale follows Guts, a lone swordsman, and Griffith, the mercenary group leader known as the “Band of the Hawk.” Guts seek revenge against Griffith, who betrayed him and sacrificed their comrades to attain demonic power.

Currently, Berserk boasts 41 published volumes with over 300 chapters. Since the manga is ongoing, we’ve looked closer at the release schedule for the upcoming chapters.


This fall, Berserk surprised us with yet another installment. With it, we see hope for the Black Swordsman Party transitioning from the Seahorse to dry land. Read on for the latest updates on the release date window for Berserk Chapter 376!”

What Happened in Berserk Chapter 375

The chapter kicks off with Daiba observing the seahorse ship from a distance. Having shared a prophecy with Silat before the ship’s attack, Daiba mentions, “A night, the moon a drawn bow lighting the heavens… From seas where the sun has sunk, cometh a beast in chains bound, wreathed in white mist’s haze.”

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Silat acknowledges that Daiba’s prophecy seems to be coming true but is puzzled about the nature of the wooden horse-like ship. To Silat, it appears to travel alone but resembles a Western warship. He questions Daiba about their intentions, wondering if they plan to invade the Kushan seas, even though they don’t seem affiliated with the falcon’s creatures.

Berserk Chapter 375


Daiba disagrees with Silat’s assumption, emphasizing that Falconia is far removed from their current location, making a boat’s presence unusual. According to Daiba, it seems like the boat is attempting to escape from the Beast of Fantaisa.

Later on, Kushan warriors attempt to extract Guts from his cabin. Guts is revealed to be in a severely weakened state, struggling to stand. Rodrig, Magnifico, and Serpico are shocked to witness Guts in such a condition.


Serpico finds it hard to believe that the weakened figure being pulled out is Guts. As the warriors handle Guts roughly, one forcefully pulls the chain tied to Guts’ leg, causing him to fall face-first. The onlookers are puzzled by Guts’ apparent passivity.

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Isidro, unable to bear Guts’ condition, shouts at him to fight back. In response, a warrior tries to intervene. Guts, lying on the ground, appears to be sweating.

Isidro, overwhelmed with emotion, tears at the sight of Guts’ vulnerability. He scolds Guts for not resisting. This outburst prompts one of the Kushan warriors to step forward and reveal himself as Rickert.

Berserk Chapter 376 Release Date

Berserk Chapter 376 won’t be getting a new chapter this November; the earliest we can expect is December 8, 2023. However, considering the recent trend of delays between chapters, this date might be subject to change.


Since the series was initially published in Young Animal magazine in Japan before being localized in the West, we’ll keep you informed of any updates.

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Where to Read Berserk Chapter 376

Berserk Chapter 376 will first be published in its original Japanese language on Young Animal. For English-speaking readers, you can find the translated version of the Berserk manga on Dark Horse’s website, but it’s usually released in volumes, not individual chapters.

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