Berserk Chapter 375 Release Date & Where to Read

Berserk Chapter 375 Release Date & Where to Read

Great news for Berserk fans! The series is back with a new arc called the “Eastern Exile Arc.” In the latest chapter, we see what’s next for Guts in his challenging situation. Things have been pretty tough in the series, but there’s a glimmer of hope with the introduction of some supporting characters in this chapter.

So, gear up with all the information you need to wait for the release of Berserk Chapter 375 patiently!


What Happened in Berserk Chapter 374

In Berserk Chapter 374, Guts and his friends are on a ship called the Seahorse when suddenly attacked by a powerful eastern nation known as the Kushans. The Kushans have been expanding their territory, and they outnumber and outgun Guts and his crew.

Berserk Chapter 374


Despite their bravery, Guts’ group faces heavy losses, and their ship is badly damaged. Just when things seem hopeless, mysterious ships led by Rickert, a former member of Guts’ party, come to their rescue. Rickert has been tracking Guts and offers his help.

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Rickert invites Guts and his friends to join him on his ships, and they agree. They sail away to safety, but it’s clear that the Kushans are not giving up on capturing Guts for the crimes he’s committed against their people.


Chapter 374 is a significant moment in the Berserk story. It marks Rickert’s return and the start of the Eastern Exile arc, known for its action, adventure, and political intrigue. The journey to the eastern nation of Kushan promises more thrilling developments in the manga.

What To Expect From Berserk Chapter 375

In Berserk Chapter 375, we can expect several things:

  • Guts’ Condition: Guts has endured physical and emotional hardships in recent chapters, including torture and witnessing the deaths of friends. We’ll likely see how these experiences have affected him.
  • Silat’s Role: Silat, a Kushan soldier, helped Guts escape captivity. Their relationship will develop further, and Silat’s hidden agenda may become clearer. The Kushan soldiers are also a threat, determined to capture Guts.
  • Kushan Forces: The powerful Kushan military has mysterious motives but is hostile to Guts and his group. We may learn more about their plans and why they oppose Guts.
  • Return of Rickert: Rickert, a former member of Guts’ party turned merchant, has returned to assist in the fight against the Kushans. His presence will impact the group’s dynamics.
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Berserk Chapter 375 Release Date & Time

Berserk Chapter 375 will be released on November 10, 2023. It will be published in Young Animal 2023 issue #22.

A tweet from Studio Gaga confirmed this information: the studio is working on the Berserk manga. The tweet also revealed that the issue will feature a color page and that physical copies will be bundled with a Berserk clear file.

Where to Read Berserk Chapter 375

Berserk Chapter 375 will first be published in its original Japanese language on Young Animal. For English-speaking readers, you can find the translated version of the Berserk manga on Dark Horse’s website, but it’s usually released in volumes, not individual chapters.

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